When is the best time to move?

Moving Tips - October 7, 2018

Moving is a process that requires a lot of time, planning, and dedication. To switch homes is not something you can do in the spur of the moment. Every relocation is preceded by days, if not weeks of list-making, moving supplies buying and, in all honesty, panicking. However, all the planning in the world will not be enough for a successful relocation, if you don`t know what the best time to move is. Luckily, after years of experience, Wolley Movers have gathered enough information to help you make the most informed decision.

When is the best time to move if you have kids?

If you are moving with kids, we are sure that the welfare of your children is your number one priority.  Truth be told, if you have a school-aged child, moving might not as easy as you think. Of course, there is no barrier that stops you from moving during the school year. However, if you wish for your child to adapt to the impending change, working around his or her school calendar is the best idea. Ideally, you want to move once the school years ends, but at least a couple of weeks before the new one starts.

Two girls hugging each other.
Parents that have a school-aged child must work around the school calendar.

This way, your child will have enough time to wander around and meet the new environment. Who knows, maybe they will make a friend or two in the process, which will definitely make going to a new school easier.

When is the perfect time of the year to move if you are not a parent?

There are many factors that contribute to the formation of the perfect moving date. The time of the year is certainly one of them. If you are looking for the best time to relocate, we strongly suggest you consider spring or late fall. This is the time of the year when students are not moving to or from the university. Moreover, compared to the summer months, housing is much more affordable during the spring and late fall. Thus, if your obligations allow it, the perfect moving day for you may be a rainy day in April.

If you are moving on a budget

If you have limited funds, you should consider moving during the winter. This is one of the best ways to cut your moving expenses, as movers charge less during the winter. The winter months are rarely a person`s first choice for moving, as the weather conditions are undesirable. However, if you want to quickly book affordable movers, and at a cheap price, you know what to do.

Is there a perfect day of the week for moving?

When it comes to the days of the week, the best time to move is any day from Monday to Thursday. The work week is generally not when people move, as they are busy with their work schedules. However, if there is any possibility for you to take a few days off if you are moving locally, we suggest you make any day from Monday to Thursday your moving day. The biggest advantage of not moving during the weekend is that you will avoid all the congested traffic which is bound to form once people get off work.

A notebook with the week days written in it, used to find the best time to move.
If you are looking for the best time to move, know that you should avoid the weekend.

To avoid congested traffic, morning is the best time to move

There is not a shortage of moving tips we can give you. However, one of our personal favorites is this one – to move in the early morning means to finish with all of the moving tasks ahead of time. If you start your relocation in the early morning hours, not only will you avoid the traffic jams, but also be settled into your new home before sunset. And, since relocations are very stressful and physically demanding, this means you will have enough time to rest before you have to start dealing with the unpacking process.

The best time to relocate is in the mid-month

As you already know, you sign a lease at the beginning or end of each month. That means that once you move out of your home, you will have to do it in that period of time. For smooth, stress-free moving, you should move in the middle of the month. This is the time when companies’ schedules will be open, so you should not have trouble finding your movers. Moreover, if you somehow managed to move in the mid-month and mid-week, you would have won the lottery. So, do your best, as we are sure you wouldn`t mind saving some money on your relocation.

A pink piggy bank with coins around it.
To have an affordable relocation, you should move in the middle of the month.

Is there a perfect date for moving?

As you were able to see from everything that was mentioned so far, there are many factors to take into consideration when deciding on your perfect moving date. Also, you probably realized that there is not only one day of the month suitable for moving.

  • For people without children, the best time to move is from late fall until the end of spring. 
  • If possible, you should always try to move in the middle of the month. 
  • Moreover, take some time off work, and relocate from Monday to Thursday. 
  • And, don`t wait around for noon to start with your relocation. Early morning is the perfect time to start. 
  • If you have children, work around their needs. 

In the end, if you happen to be forced to move during the summer, there is nothing you can do about it. Sometimes, we are not the ones who make the decisions. However, if you do have a chance to choose for yourself, you know what to do. Be wise, and use all the chances to save a couple of dollars on your relocation. Everyone knows exactly how expensive moving can be. There is no need to put yourself in debt just to be able to afford to move.

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