Tricks for packing clothes for a move

Moving Tips - October 1, 2018

Moving is always a difficult process for everyone involved. Relocation tasks can often be overwhelming, and they can bring about a lot of moving anxiety. However, when going through your relocation, the best thing you can do is stay positive. Secondly, you need to find the most reliable movers Chicago around, and let them help you during this difficult time. Also, you need to read our articles, where you can find useful tips for any problem you might be dealing with. Today, we cover the topic of packing clothes for a move, which is something we all must do sooner or later.

A woman holding shopping bags in both hands.
When our shopping habits get out of hand, we are quickly left with a stuffed closet.

Before packing clothes for a move, get rid of unnecessary items

Shopping is an integral part of life, and it is a form of entertainment we are all prone to. When going shopping, you are not just looking for the best deals and the most fashionable items; you are also filling up your closet until there is no room left to put anything else in it. When moving, this can be a scenario straight out of a nightmare. We are sure you know that movers charge based on the weight of your cargo, right? You can imagine how much higher the price will be if you don`t clean out your closet.

How to decide what to keep and what to throw away when packing clothes for a move?

Getting rid of your pieces of clothing will be much easier than it seems right now. The first thing you need to do is create three piles – keep, donate, throw away. Bear in mind that some of your clothing could be salvageable, and could be used by those who need it. However, you also need to know which items should go to the dumpster right away.

  • There is no point in packing clothes for a move if those clothes are torn or ripped.
  • Every item you or your kids have outgrown, you need to throw away.
  • All clothes you have not worn in a year should not be packed.

Once you finish this task, everything will be much easier. And, now that your closet is clutter-free, you may start packing for your move.

T-shirts on clothes hangers.
Strive for a clutter-free closet when packing clothes for moving.

Have the moving date in mind

Getting carried away and packing all of your clothes is easy. However, there is one date you must keep in mind at all times – the moving date! Yes, you do need to think in advance, and set aside clothes both you and your family members plan on wearing on the previously mentioned day. Since you should start packing more than a week before the moving date, you need to take a look at the weather forecast. Thus, you will know which type of weather to prepare for.

Packing your clothes 101

Good news – there is an abundance of packing tricks that will make your relocation, as well as packing, easier. All you have to do is pay close attention to these pieces of advice, and your moving truck will be loaded with all of your clothing in no time!

Use hanging wardrobe boxes

In case you have never heard about handing wardrobe boxes then you have no idea what you are missing out on. These boxes were designed to serve as portable closets. We are sure you can see the connection between easy packing and these sturdy boxes. Sure, they are on the more expensive side of packing materials. However, they will protect your clothes from dust, dirt, and, most importantly, wrinkles. Who else wants to spend hours ironing in their brand new home?

A woman holding a cardboard box, used for packing clothes for a move.
The right packing materials can make or break your relocation.

Don`t let your suitcases go to waste

Every household has at least one to two suitcases. They are used for traveling, whether going to a remote location or spending a weekend in the neighboring city. And, when moving, you will have to take your suitcases, as well. Why let them go to waste when they can serve as perfect containers for your clothes? Thus, when packing clothes for a move, fill up your suitcases. A useful tip to know is that by rolling up your clothes, you can save precious space inside the suitcase. However, make sure that your suitcase does not end up being too heavy. Remember, your house already has plenty of heavy items, and the last thing you need is to add to that weight.

Your clothes can be multifunctional

All of us have fragile and breakable items in our possession. When moving, these items are the first ones that get damaged. Did you know that your clothes can actually serve as a great cushioning material? If you wrap your fragile items in a piece of clothing, you are saving money on protective packaging materials. And, of course, you are making sure that your breakables stay safe and sound during the transport.

Pack your shoes separately

If you want to protect both your Jimmy Choo`s and your precious clothes, the best thing you can do is to pack them separately. This way, your clothes will not get dirty, and your shoes will still be protected. One useful tip we can give you is to stuff your shoes with socks. This way, they will not get squashed and lose form when inside the moving truck.

A pair of blues shoes.
Your shoes do not belong in the same box as your clothes.

Truth be told, packing clothes for a move will be much easier than taking care of some other relocation tasks. All the things you need for successful packing are here, right in this article. If you were reading carefully, which we are sure you were, then you should have no problem packing your closet for your move. The only thing you need to remember is that you should start on time. Of course, if you think that packing is way out of your league, admitting you need help is the best thing you can do. That is what moving companies are here for – to help you pack your house with ease. 

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