Top Reasons Not to Choose DIY Piano Moving

Moving Tips - November 1, 2019

Are you moving to a new home, but not quite sure how to transport your grand piano? It might be tempting to move it on your own, but you’re often better off hiring a piano moving agency in Chicagoland. Experienced movers can ensure your piano is carefully transported to your new home without any potential damage to yourself or your home. To learn all about why you shouldn’t DIY piano moving, read this short guide!

Damage to Your Piano

Moving your piano on your own can cause severe damage to your instrument. Even if you try being careful, you probably don’t have the tools needed to carry it downstairs or haul it inside a moving truck. Grand pianos are incredibly heavy, and you don’t want to cause stress to any area of the instrument, which can cause expensive damage. It’s better to reduce the risk of any harm to your piano by hiring processional piano movers in Chicagoland instead of doing it all on your own.

Potential to Harm Yourself

Attempting to move a grand piano on your own poses a lot of danger to yourself. If you lack the necessary equipment to lift the piano, you can cause severe muscle strain. If you do want to DIY piano moving, at the very least, you should make sure friends or family members are helping you.

The last thing you want to do is overestimate your strength and crush any part of your body under the enormous weight of your piano. Professional movers are specially trained and have the strength necessary to easily transport your 500- to 1000-pound instrument.

Damage to Your Home

A poor exit strategy for moving your piano can cause expensive damage to your home, aside from yourself and your instrument. Making the wrong moves and not turning sharp enough around turns can create dents and cracks in the walls or flooring of your home. Even if you try being careful, it requires experienced movers to prevent very minimal property damage.

Also, if you’re not going to be living in your home any longer, you have to leave it in pristine condition for the new owner(s). This is why it’s just an easier process to hire professional piano movers to transport your expensive and cumbersome instrument to your new home.

You Don’t Have the Time

If you have a busy work schedule, you might not even have the time to DIY piano moving. Most new homeowners find it easier to simply hire a professional moving company to transport their belongings. Just make sure you hire reputable movers and offer them copies of your keys so that they can access your homes easily.

Hands playing piano

Ease of Hiring a Moving Company

Hiring an experienced moving company is really easy to do! After a quick Google search, you can compare your options based on credentials and testimonials. Then, you can schedule one or two consultations to determine who you want to hire for the move. All there’s left to do is to exchange information and make a house key copy, so they can easily access your belongings to move to your new home.

There are a few reasons why you might want to choose professional piano moving services over attempting to transport your instrument on your own. Hopefully, this short guide could offer you plenty of reasons to skip the potentially harmful DIY option. To find the best piano transportation services in Chicagoland, contact Wolley Movers Chicago at 773-761-8330.

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