Tips For Helping Kids Settle In Your New Home

Moving Tips - March 26, 2019

Helping kids settle in your new home is the hardest thing you will have to do after moving. Depending on the child’s age, moving could be very difficult for them. There are many reasons for that. After all, if it’s hard for you, and you are an adult, imagine how difficult it must be for them, given their tender age.

Moving from one home to another one is a difficult thing, both for parents as well as children. Leaving all the friends, school, and memories behind is not something that’s easy to cope with. However, there is also some excitement about meeting new people, making new friends and exploring the new neighborhood. This is the phase where children need parents the most. In order to make this shift easier, you can follow the guidelines below for the first few weeks.

  • Moving changes their environment that they usually find as the safest and comfortable;
  • Children like to have space where they “feel like at home”, so this is literally removing them from natural safeness;
  • Helping kids settle in your new home is hard after they have lost old friends left behind when moving;
  • They also love to have control over their lives, and moving presumes that we have lost control over our lives and positions;
  • It is obvious that nobody likes new situations and unknown places, especially children.

Explaining to your children that you are the same family after moving usually is not enough. There are many children that do not change their lives so easily. As a matter of fact, psychologists claim that there are children that could show a serious change in behavior. For all those reasons you should adopt tips for helping kids settle in your new home. If that is not enough, consider looking for professional help.

Lego houses as a way of helping kids settle in your new home
Turn your relocation into a game and play with your children!

Helping kids settle in your new home that first night after moving

The worst thing after moving is the first night. It will become easier later, but the first night without familiar things is very hard for kids. As the kid is younger, the problem is bigger. So, helping kids settle in your new home starts as soon as the moving truck arrives.

Take a quick look around the house and the neighborhood. Familiarize yourself with the rooms, spaces in the house. Make sure kids are comfortable with the new place, especially the young ones as they are afraid to move into the new house during the night. Tell your family about each space and what activities will take place there. Visit each and every place, make it fun by playing games like hide-and-seek to encourage them to explore on their own.

Take a room in a hotel

You will surely consider taking a room after moving. Depending on the moving company, you will know how long you will take to unpack. If you have been smart, you took Arlington Heights movers to make this step easier. However, they could not follow your pace when moving or you could not follow theirs. Sometimes you could come to the new home earlier. It could also be less stressful if you turn moving into a picknick.

Sleep in the same room or bed

For younger kids, this could be a very important step. Children do not know what happens after moving. In those situations, it is much better to make their sleeping arrangements comfortable. Helping kids settle in your new home presumes that you provide them with as much love as they need.

Eat family favorite meals and play with children

We know that the last thing you could think of after moving is playing. However, your kids need to feel safety and comfort. Make sure that you have not changed many things that you have done in the old home. Eat meals you liked, and play with children. And cuddle them as they want.

Board game.
Don’t forget to bring in some fun into your relocation – your kids will appreciate it.

Sleep well

Do not hurry with unpacking. This first night you should spend sleeping. It will boost the energy you will need later. On the other hand, your kids will be satisfied and calm.

Get back to your routine

You should do this as fast as possible. It includes going to bed at the same time, for example. Make sure that your kids eat at the same time. Do not forget small rituals and habits. Helping kids settle in your new home means that you have not forgotten the old home.

Get back to the normal routine as soon as possible. The first night will not be the same but try to establish a routine as soon as possible. Stick to your regular meal-time, play-time, tv-time and bed-time. That way, everyone in the family will feel more settled. Try to get your life back on track because once your routine is out it will be quite stressful to get it back in line. Find a park near your home and take your children to the park whenever possible so that they don’t feel alone and help them to make new friends.

Family in the kitchen
Get back to routine after moving as soon as possible!

Unpacking and helping kids settle in your new home

Even though you know that unpacking is a very serious matter, helping kids settle in your new home while doing it becomes harder. However, unpacking presumes emotions, tears and rejecting of the situation that kids are in. On the other hand, we are sure that you want to finish this job as soon as possible. Do not hurry. Allow your children to make this step slowly and as they feel comfortable. You can always use packing services Chicago with your moving company, but you can never have someone else help you kids.

At the time of packing, make sure all members of your family including teens and kids pack an essentials box. Unpack this box first when you arrive at your new home. This box should contain the most important things they will need once they arrive at the new place like books, night pajamas, school dress, important documents etc.

Unpack your kid’s rooms soon after you unpack the kitchen stuff, as you will need those utensils for lunch and dinner. It is a good idea to order lunch and dinner from a local restaurant or fast food place as you will be tired from the move and unpacking. If you don’t eat outside, then it is a good idea to cook something which doesn’t require much effort like eggs or noodles etc. Make sure you unpack your kitchen boxes first if you are planning to cook at home. Another important thing to look at is the supply of drinking water. Make sure that the drinking water is available and that water filters are working properly. If drinking water is not readily available then buy water gallons from a local store according to your needs.

Essentials box

Every moving includes packing an essentials box unless you have moved suddenly and unplanned. In that case, you should hire the best emergency movers. You know, just to help you get the show on the road. When it comes to your essentials box, it should contain some hygiene items and/or pajamas. On the other hand, you can put favorite toys for your kids. It is also important to know that the essential box will be your first unpacked bag. So put there what you feel is important for the first days.

It is important to plan what to unpack first

It is obvious that you cannot leave the thing in boxes forever. Many people are in doubt what to unpack first. Even though our first clue is unpacking the kitchen supplies, it is not always that important. Helping kids settle in your new home presumes their comfort first. So, allow them to unpack their room. It will give them favorite toys and peaceful start before a large job you have now.

First impression

After a few days and unpacking, things are not finished yet. You should prepare your child for a new home and neighborhood. They will need your attention and help. Make sure that you have made this step as comfortable and as simple as possible. Helping kids settle in your new home also includes your attention when they find first friends and fun in the new neighborhood.

Badminton rackets on grass.
Spend more time with your children after moving!

Take a tour through the new home

You may feel that the first thing after moving is unpacking. However, helping kids settle in a new home includes a little different scenario. You should make a short tour through the home before unpacking. Put your children in the first place. Allow them to research everything in the house. Choose rooms, try to turn on the lights. Make them feel comfortable.

Let the children organize and renovate

Even though you may feel like this unnecessary and maybe you will see it as losing the control, but this is essential when moving with kids. Children love to have control so you will allow them to have it again. If you are not sure about their wishes, you can allow them to renovate their room. They can choose the color of the walls or furniture.

Start school as soon as possible

It is very important to establish the old habits and obligations. Even before moving starts, you should research schools in your new neighborhood. Make sure that you have made these decisions with your child. Consider all the conditions and the way the new school looks. Children will choose the school that is almost the same as their old one.

Two girls in school.
Going to school will help your child socialize and get used to the new environment.

Live normally at the same time as helping kids settle in your new home

You may think that it is easier to say than do. However, it is very important to start a new life as soon as possible. So, make sure that your old habits and organization is included here. Do not forget about your kids’ needs, though. Helping kids settle in your new home starts with the listening of their wishes and needs.

Help your kids settle into their new home as much as possible as it is your responsibility as a parent. Sometimes it is better to hire professional Chicago moving company as it will reduce your burden and it would also get the things done more quickly. Also, it would leave you free to take care of your loved ones, which really is all that matters at the end of the day!

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