The Best Days to Move During the Holiday Season

Moving Tips - December 21, 2018

Sometimes, things in life can’t be planned. Sometimes we have to move suddenly, and that happens just around some big holiday. We are not going to lie – it is a challenge to move during the holiday season. Moving can be stressful and difficult any time of the year, and doing it during holidays make it even worse. Leaving your home when everybody gathers at their homes for holidays can be tough, however, with our holiday moving guide, you will be prepared and ready to face the challenges. Now let’s see what you need to know about moving at this joyous time, and what are the best days to move during the holiday season.

When NOT to move if the holiday season is on

If you are able to choose, there are some days you could really avoid when you move during the holiday season. If you are driving (a car or a rental truck) maybe you could avoid big shopping days like Super Saturday – the Saturday before Christmas. Generally, days before big holidays like Christmas and New Year are the worst days for moving since everybody are out buying presents so traffic jams are inevitable. Furthermore, moving companies charge more if you hire them during busy periods of the year. If you are flying, avoid weekends. It is better to travel in the middle of the week. It is less busy and less expensive.

christmas tree
When you move during the holiday season, be sure to avoid the busiest days

What are the best days to move during the holiday season

When moving during the holiday season, you need to be extra careful. It is probably not possible to completely avoid the busy atmosphere around holidays. However, you can pick days that are less busy than the others.

  • move before the shopping season – if possible, avoid the shopping fever before Christmas.
  • move any day but weekend – it is the best to avoid weekend (including Friday) when you want to move during the holiday season. Many people travel during the weekend, go shopping or – move.
  • Move at the beginning of the week – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday may be the safest option. CLosre the weekend it gets, the roads get busier and moving companies’ services get more expensive.
  • move after the holidays – it is good to move just after a holiday. All the hassle around the holiday is finished, and roads tend to get less busy, and it is easier to move.

How to move during the holiday season?

Moving during the holiday season is not an ordinary move. Everything is different – the people, the atmosphere, the weather. Leaving during holidays also sets a different mood and makes the situation even harder. That’s why you need to read the best tips about moving during those times.

Set your budget

As you already know, the holiday season is not the most popular time to move. Also, moving during the holidays and on weekends can be more expensive than usual. Furthermore, there are other holiday costs like buying presents or celebrations. That’s why you need to set your budget very carefully and think about all the details. Our advice is to hire trustworthy Chicago office movers, so you can get a clear idea of your costs by having a detailed estimate of the moving process.

tablet holiday planning
Be sure to set your budget and plan your move during the holiday season

Hire professionals

Even though moving during the holiday season can be a bit pricey, it can also reduce a lot of stress. If you let professionals help you with the moving process, you will have more time to enjoy the holidays and go back to work fresh and rested.

Packing the holiday spirit

Arriving in your new home and having no decorations during holidays can be a bit depressing.  So be sure to pack all the Christmas decorations in a separate box and label it appropriately. If you are getting packing services Chicago, which is a great idea, ask your movers to put that box in your living room. This way you’ll have the decoration on hand, and decorate as soon as you move in. You will not have to go through all the boxes searching for them when you arrive, which can be pretty tiring.

packing gifts
Your move during the holiday season doesn’t have to be without a holiday spirit

Extra tip: If you are packing by yourself, be sure to do that carefully. Harsh weather conditions can damage some of your items like electronics, glass, and other breakables. These need to be packed very carefully and protected with extra bubble wrap or blankets so as not to be damaged during transport.

Be aware of the weather

Moving during holidays very often means moving in cold temperatures. Even though you can control the most part of the moving process, weather can be very unpredictable, so you need to be prepared. Be sure to follow the weather forecast days before the move, so you can be ready in case of a blizzard or low temperatures. If it is very cold with snow outside, prepare all the necessary winter equipment like boots, gloves, shovels, warm drinks and salt if the ground is slippery. Furthermore, make sure to have your heating on before you arrive, especially if you are moving with kids.

Help your family adjust and settle

Moving is not just about boxes and moving trucks. Moving with your family sometimes you need to help them settle and adjust to their new home. First of all, have all documents ready so your kids can start the new school as soon as possible. Next, help them adjust to the new environment – you can read about how to help your children settle in your new home.

Enjoy the holidays!

Don’t let your move during the holiday season keep your festive spirit down. It may not be same as previous years, but there are ways to maintain the holiday spirit. Play some holiday music while you travel, and decorate your tree before anything else. Prepare some gifts in advance and make this holiday the best it can be!

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