Pros & cons of moving on the weekend

Moving Tips - November 20, 2018

People are moving all the time. That’s why most of them think of moving as a dreadful experience. They also promise never to do it again. However, most of the Americans move several times during their lifetime. Even though it is a stressful process and most of the people hate – it has to be done. So, with so many people moving all the time, many relocation details have become more important and discussed. One of them is certainly what is the best time to move. To be more specific – is it better to move on the weekend or on a weekday? People wonder what would be the best day to choose when moving and the reasons for that are many. Do you want to be more convenient, or maybe save more money? Well, we’ll give you all the answers. Let’s go through the pros and cons of moving on the weekend, shall we?

Moving is different for everybody

Even though there are certain rules and advice about moving, it is a personal event. The moving style solely depends on your lifestyle, and how many family members you have. The same goes about the moving day. You will have to choose what is the most convenient for you, your family members, your work, etc. Even so, there is no harm in pointing out the pros and cons of moving on the weekend.

What is the cheapest option?

Definitely, this comes as the number one question about moving days. To be honest, if you want to save some money,  you should choose days other than the weekend. This means that moving companies offer better prices on days like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So if you are looking for a way to cut costs – avoid weekend. There is a benefit in this, too – you have more money for other moving costs, and probably avoid the stress that happens when moving on the weekend.

The pros of moving on the weekend

Let’s go through the things you will gain if you opt for moving on the weekend.

Your move will be easier and less stressful

Moving on the weekend means that you will probably avoid traffic jams that happen from Monday to Friday. And that means less stress. Whenever you decide to move, you should choose a route that avoids common traffic jam spots, if possible. Sometimes, even on weekends, a lot of people go shopping or running common errands, and it can be pretty crowded.

You will not miss work

If you choose to move on the weekend, it is not likely to miss work. Especially if you are moving for work, or work plays an important role in your life, you should consider this benefit. If you are free from work on weekends, you should definitely think about moving then. This way you will not have to spend your holiday days, but spend them on a trip with your family, for example. So, if your work is important and you can’t miss it, you should definitely consider moving on the weekend.

Your kids will not miss school

If you have a family and kids going to school, moving on the weekend is the best option for you. This way they will not miss an important class or test. Furthermore, your children will have to change school if you are moving to another city or district. So, moving on the weekend will allow them to start a new school at the beginning of the week and let them prepare for this big step during the weekend.

kid holding books
When moving on the weekend, your kids will start school fresh on Monday, and will not miss any classes!

You will get more help

If you need any help after the movers finish their part of the job, you will more easily get it during the weekend. Over the weekend, your friends or family members will be free to help you. Therefore, packing, unpacking, and cleaning will go much easier. Furthermore, if you need somebody to take care of your kids, dogs, or even plants while you are moving, people are generally free over the weekend.

woman carrying a box
If you need any help, your friends and relatives will be free if you are moving on the weekend

The negative side of moving on the weekend

Even though all the things we listed make you believe that the weekend is the best time to move, you should also consider the cons of it. As we already mentioned, each move is individual and depends on your personal lifestyle and moving options. So here are some cons of moving on the weekend:

  • You have less time – the moving itself may be a breeze, but when the time comes to unpack, you realize it is already Sunday and you have to work tomorrow. This means your unpacking will probably continue over the week.
  • Moving companies are busy during the weekend – We all know that the busiest time for moving companies is the weekend, along with holidays and summertime. Therefore, you may have trouble finding a good moving company that is free on the weekend that suits you. Even so, you shouldn’t go for a less reliable company just because the one you want is busy. Try Wolley Movers Chicago and see why they are considered as a trustworthy, reputable company in this area.
  • You will pay more. When making a contract about relocating your home, you should get a precise moving estimate and see what the price is. However, if you are moving on weekends, don’t be surprised if you have to pay a bit more. That’s because moving companies tend to raise their fees on busy/popular moving days.
Traffic jams are something you can avoid when moving on the weekend
If you want to avoid traffic jams, choose moving on the weekend for a less stressful move

The conclusion

As you can see, there are many factors you should consider when thinking about the moving day. To help you, we can advise you to ask yourself a couple of questions. Ask yourself if there is a day you would like to move on (and why?), if you are flexible with your moving schedule, and what time of the day you would prefer. Answering these questions will help you decide the moving day. Furthermore, if you picked reliable residential moving services Chicago, your move will go as smooth as possible. Good luck!

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