Packing Needs

No Worries, We Got It!

Nothing is more aggravating than to know that you have start packing your household stuff are you are short on packing supplies, your kids have played with the bubble wrap and now it is of no use or you have used the tape carelessly and now you are running low on packing tape. After deep breath, you decide to go to the hardware store to buy those supplies and find out that the suppliesMoving supplies you need are on the back-order.

Why now be smart and buy all the stock before you even start packing, determining what you would need, how much you would need and what is the best place to buy the material.

Do you have time to go to every store and ask for the price or just go online, place the order and get the supplies delivered right at your door-step? Packing supplies is the only area where you can save money without compromising the safety of the move. If you are looking for reliable good quality packing material supplier then Wolley movers is the only place you should buy your material from. We provide good quality material for affordable rates. All you have to do is to place the order of what and how much supplies you need and we will deliver it at your door-step.

Here is the typical list of supplies that you will need for your move.

  • Small Moving Box (2.1 cubic feet)
  • Medium Moving Box (3.1 cubic feet)
  • Large Moving Box (4.5 cubic feet)
  • X-Large Moving Box (8 cubic feet)
  • Heavy Duty Box or China Barrel
  • Wardrobe Box
  • Electronics Box
  • Plain Newsprint or Brown Paper (rolls or sheets)
  • Mirror Box or Picture Box – Small/Medium
  • Mirror Box or Picture Box – Large
  • Bubble wrap (by roll or sheet)
  • Utility Knife or Box Cutter
  • Moving Blankets
  • Permanent Markers
  • Foam (provides extra protection)
  • Stretch Wrap (protects surfaces/keeps items together)
  • Inflatable bags: inflate to fill empty spaces.

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