Moving Your Piano: Top Considerations to Make

Moving Tips - November 30, 2019

There are some belongings that require special consideration when moving them, and one of these is a piano. Pianos need to be moved in a special way to prevent damage that affects both the piano’s beauty and the overall quality of sound. Since your piano is such a big investment, it’s important that you know some important factors about moving this instrument, so here’s what you need to know.

Hire Professionals

Although you may feel hesitant about hiring professionals to do a job you feel like you can do yourself, it’s important to recognize that pianos are much more fragile than they look. A piano moving company in Chicagoland has the necessary training, experience, and tools to make sure your piano is safely moved.

They have experience moving pianos various distances—to a home next door, or to a home that’s located hundreds of miles away. The procedure for moving pianos varies depending on the type of piano you own, so don’t leave anything to chance by attempting to secure and move the piano yourself.

Learn Piano Details

Professional piano moving in Chicagoland can figure out all the details of your piano to know how to move it, if they have sufficient experience. But you can make the transition easier by knowing a few details about your piano before you even call the moving company. Take measurements for the height, width, and depth of your piano, and find an estimate of the piano’s weight based on whether it’s a spinet, large upright, or grand piano. These measurements will help determine what equipment and how much manpower the moving company needs to safely move your piano.

Choosing a Piano Mover

When you’re choosing a piano mover there are a number of questions you need to ask to make sure you find the best company. Ask about their process for moving your type of piano and how the piano will be protected both during the actual moving process and while it’s in transit. This is especially important if your piano will be traveling a great distance and will be in a moving truck for a few days, because humidity and temperatures can affect your piano.

If you need to store your piano while you’re in between homes, it’s a good idea to ask about storage options from the moving company or to find a climate-controlled and secure location to store the piano in the meantime.

Mover with Piano

Move Preparation

It’s a good idea to prepare both the area you’re moving the piano from and the area the piano is moving to. Remove all the extra furniture and other items from around the piano, and make sure there’s a clear path through the room, out the door, and to where the truck will be parked. You should also make sure pets and children are out of the way before the piano is actually moved to avoid any accidents.

If you’re moving your whole house along with the piano, most movers will want to move the piano first to make sure it can be against the back wall of the truck, so keep that in mind while packing and preparing for your move.

Following the Move

Once the movers have safely transported your piano to its new location, you should have the piano tuned a few times during that first year. Most pianos will detune somewhat during a major move. To ensure your piano is moved safely, call Wolley Movers Chicago today.

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