Tips on Moving in a Winter Storm

Moving Tips - January 15, 2019

Moving in a winter storm is actually much more common than we think. People tend to move in every weather condition. You cannot predict what the weather will be when you move. However, it is great if you can plan your relocation, though. Experts recommend long-term planning before moving. In that case, you should avoid the winter or rainy seasons. But what if you cannot predict your moving conditions? What if you simply must move last minute? In that case, moving in a winter storm becomes possible. It is important to prepare a few things when moving in a winter storm:

  • Follow the weather – you can use a site that shows the weather in next 24 or 48 hours, so you can delay moving for a few days;
  • Find good moving company – we cannot emphasize enough why that is so important;
  • Moving in a winter storm will be much easier if you prepare yourself and your family for that;
  • Do not hurry with moving and during the moving – a good moving company will follow instructions and legislation;
  • Whatever happens, stay calm.

There are many situations which could be even harder for moving than moving in a winter storm. So, do not be afraid of that. It is important to follow simple instructions and prepare yourself as much as possible for every unplanned occasion.

Snow in chicago is a common weather condition pressuming that moving in a winter storm could happen
Moving in a winter storm is actually a common situation.

Plan ahead of time

Experts already said that nobody should move without a plan. Whatever the weather is. It is easier and less stressful. However, we cannot predict our situation that much up front. Sometimes we must move fast. In that case, you should take one of the last-minute movers Chicago. Also, prepare whatever you can before moving.

Prepare all to be flexible

It is easier if you had a plan before. Moving on a winter storm could be stressful. However, you can prepare everything for a trip for any cases. Prepare yourself for unplanned conditions. You cannot control everything.

Have emergency supplies

It is always good to have an emergency bag with you when moving. When moving in a winter storm, however, it is even more important. You can get stuck in a storm on a road without phone, water or food. You cannot find a gas station in that way. A small bag with everything that you may need is a good help in those situations.

Rent portable container

You may have planned to put everything in a truck. In the winter storm, things could go in a wrong way. An unexpected delaying could ruin all your plans. You must empty the house where you have lived but you cannot move to the new one because of a storm. Luckily, there are favorable storage units in Chicago. A portable container could be a good resolution for “between houses” situation.

Wrap everything in blankets

Low temperature could damage items. That is especially important for glasses, or electric devices. You should wrap it in a blanket or thick paper. Make sure that you have separated them from each other.

Secure house

Low temperature causes many other problems. Most usual is ice on driveaway and stairs. Workers in moving company, and you, can easily fall down on ice. On the other hand, low temperatures cause problems on vehicles and devices in the house. Make whatever you can to avoid that when moving in a winter storm.

Clean driveway and stairs

You should do that even if you are not moving in a winter storm. Everybody who lives in winter areas knows that. However, it is even more important to do that when expecting people to move fastly your things from a house. Make sure that you have cleaned stairs. You can use sand to avoid ice during the night before moving. Some people make a tent to cover the entrance. It is completely dry while the moving process is happening.

A pair of socks
Make sure that you have wormed up when moving

Prepare shovels

Yes, you know that. However, you will need those shovels when you arrive, too. Make sure that you have them in a truck or in the trunk of the car. You may need to clean entrance in a new home, too. A good moving company should have them, too. Come to the new house before workers in a moving company, if it is possible. It is good if you can heat the house, clean driveway and stairs.

Take hot beverages with you

You will definitely need a tea or a coffee while moving in a winter storm. As the matter of fact, workers will need it, too. It is good to have a warm drink in those cases. Sometimes, though, you will not be able to buy it at a gas station.

Make a plan B for moving in a winter storm

Sometimes things do not go as we have planned. Storm can become stronger, or it could get cold during the night. Whatever happened, you should have a plan B for those occasions. In that way, you will have less stressful moving. As much as possible.

Keep a cool head and no panic

You should prepare yourself for these conditions. If you know that you are moving in a winter storm and cannot avoid, stay calm. Do not panic. It should be a great experience for you, after all. Look at the wider picture. What if you must delay moving? What could happen? Prepare yourself for those possible delaying.

Prepare more time for moving

It is the simplest solution. In case that you are forced to delay moving, you will be prepared for that. You should have three days of possible extending of moving. However, make sure that you have a place for stuff and yourself during that time. Rent a container, book a room in a hotel.

ice skating friends
Moving in a winter storm could be an interesting challenge

Make an emergency contact list

Not only that you will need a list of emergencies. You should also have the phone number of the rental agency. There should also be a phone number of emergency moving companies at the final destination. If your moving company has a branch office at a destination, take their number, too.

Plan all unexpected expenses, as much as possible

Make sure that you have included all delaying expenses in a cost list. Predict all possible expenses that you can. Get a free moving quote Chicago from different companies. Include not planned expenses on that list, too.

Have a backup plan, whatever that means

You should know that moving in a winter storm presumes possible delaying. You may not stop traveling literally. However, you could travel longer that you have planned. Prepare yourself on that and stay calm. That trip could be very interesting after all.

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