Moving containers vs. Truck rentals

Moving Tips - December 13, 2018

When planning a move, people will often be put in a position that requires some tough choices. Choosing a new home is a huge challenge, even more so if you plan on buying it instead of renting it. Picking the right neighborhood can prove to be critical in yours and lives of your family members. There are definitely many points from the moment you decide on moving, to finding a new home (and buying it), to the actually moving in your new home, where you are going to have to make a choice. Those choices may or may not have a big influence on the flow of your move and its conclusion. One of these choices is the moving containers vs. truck rentals debate. Both have their pros and cons and you should take them all into consideration before you make a decision.

Moving containers vs. truck rentals - all depends whether you can drive a truck like this one.
We will load, transport and unload everything to your new doorstep! But you have to settle the moving containers vs. truck rentals decision first.

There is always another choice that you can take, and when planning a move, you should not be rushing anything. Take a deep breath and take your time, so you can make a smart, educated choice. Even though these choices are important, it is also important to be aware of the fact that no matter what happens you will be fine. Your Chicago move may cost more than you planned, or it may take longer than expected. These things happen, but in the end, you will move to your new home, and unpack and start your life anew. Keep this mindset at all times, and your move will be a lot less stressful.

Moving containers vs. truck rentals – Pros

Moving containers – Pros

  1. Flexibility with time. If there is a need for it, the company that rents the moving containers will leave the container in your backyard. This is often a more than a useful thing for a lot of people. This way you can take your time loading and unloading your things at your own pace. On the other hand, when you deal with residential moving companies Chicago, they will have to unload all of your things the moment they reach your new home.
  2. Storage room. Again, they are really flexible when it comes to this too. If for some reason you cannot unload your property right away, the moving company can store your container and wait for you. It is no trouble for them, and it is an easy and elegant solution for you.
  3. They are really convenient. Make an inventory of your belongings. Pack them. Load them to a container. The company drives it to the destination. Unload it. Unpack everything. This is how simple this process can be.

Truck rentals – Pros

  1. The cost. It is likely that you will save some money if you opt for this option. That is because you can do a huge part of the job by yourself. If you pack everything and load and unload by yourself, they will only have to drive your things to your new place.
  2. You are in control. Since you can be involved in pretty much all the phases of the move, you are in control. More than you are in control with the moving container company, at least. Putting your things into strangers hands is not easy. The fact that you can pretty much access all of your things and that you know where everything is, is really reassuring.
  3. There are more options with trucks. The containers have several sizes, but the trucks are much more varied. This means that you can save money if you rent a smaller truck. Also, if you for some reason cannot move into your new home right away, you can use storage facilities. Your moving company can help you unload these to a storage of your choice, and your things can stay there until you need them. This will add some extra expenses, but it will be worth it. You don’t move every day, right?
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We will do everything that we can to satisfy all your needs.

If you are moving to Chicago for instance, the Wolley Movers Chicago are the best moving company there. The best thing is, that you can mix these two options if you decide that that is the best way. How so? Well, you can rent a moving container, and then rent a Wolley movers crew to help you pack, and load and unload your things.

Moving containers vs. truck rentals – Cons

Moving containers – Cons

  1. The cost of services. This is, of course, an important feature. In every area of life there some common everyday misconceptions that the majority of people believes in. One of them is that the moving containers are less expensive than the trucks. In reality, that is almost always quite the opposite. You have to always stay mindful of these things. Especially when you are planning a move.
  2. The lack of access. Compared to moving trucks, the containers are less forthcoming when it comes accessibility of your things. You won’t be able to get anything in your container until they deliver to your home and you start unpacking.

Truck rentals – Cons

  1. More expensive than they may seem to be. Yes, this is a true possibility. Doing your homework and simply asking around can go a long way in reducing your expenses and easing your move. Make sure that you are fully aware of everything that the moving company expects you to pay. These extra expenses may involve things like gas, meals, gas etc. These may not sound like much, but if you add them all up, you will end up with a lot more expenses than you bargained for.
  2. The inconvenience. You will always feel like you are in a rush to get somewhere if you opt for trucks. This is because they have their own schedule and they are there for only a day or two for you. You will probably have to shift your schedule in order to fit them in it.

Remember though, that there are many moving services Chicago moving companies offer. There is always another option so do your research!

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There are many decisions to make when planning a move.

Moving containers vs. truck rentals – Decision time

Moving containers vs. truck rentals is not an easy decision. We put here the most important traits of both options. Hopefully, you will be able to decide what is best for you. Just remember that the move will come and go, and a week later it won’t matter which one you chose because your new life will be starting.

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