Items you should throw away before moving

Moving Tips - October 5, 2018

You decided that it is high time for your relocation to take place. The destination has been determined and now the only thing that’s left is for the actual moving to begin. However, simply packing all the stuff you have and bringing them with you on your trip to your new house or apartment could be a very cumbersome job. This is mostly because around 10-20% of the things you own are things you no longer need or use. In that case, you’d want to check your personal inventory for all the items you should throw away before you actually relocate.

Read on to find out about items you should throw away before the move
Store the items you should throw away properly in plastic bags

Don’t feel bad about all those items you should throw away

A problem a lot of people face when performing their general monthly or annual house clean-up is what to do with all the items they so rarely use. You might not even think about it at first, but rather than try to pack it all, why not rid yourself of extra things. Better that than to carry it all with you to your new place of living. The disadvantages of this reckless action are:

  • greater costs of transportation for items you should throw away,
  • the possibility of some of the fragile items getting damaged due to items being clustered, and
  • having to spend more packing materials items that are hardly ever used.

Either way, the whole relocation process can take significantly more time than planned. So, make a list of items you haven’t used in the past several months. You will be able to rid yourself of things that would otherwise only serve a purpose as ballast in the truck. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry much about things you haven’t used in a while. In fact, the Chicago movers you hire will have an easier job with the move as long as they don’t have to handle loads of extra clutter.

Disposing of the belongings you no longer need

As always, it’s a good practice to buy some plastic bags or cardboard boxes for storing the items you don’t need. You can even use the bags used for trash, readily available in pretty much any nearby supermarket. These kinds of plastic bags are made to contain large volumes. So, you should easily be able to store large objects in these kinds of bags. Cardboard boxes are more convenient for books, magazines, documents, school and work equipment and other sturdier, hard and sharp items. This way, the objects will not tear off the bat, and the supplies can be reused for future moves.

Cardboard boxes stacked
Pack your boxes neatly

What are some of the common items you should throw away?

You don’t have to throw everything away. After all, you can always gift some of it to friends or give to charity. Things like these can help you and others. Just think – you know that this person or persons may be able to put these items to better use.

But what are some of the items that we generally rarely use in our lives? Here are some examples:

  • Old magazines
  • Expired foods and spices
  • Old jackets, pants and shoes
  • Damaged things that we never repaired (e.g. dishes and some electronics)
  • Stained cleaning materials
  • Movie DVDs that you know simply take up space

You might be wondering why are movie and music album discs in this list. And the answer is simple – pretty much all the movies and music that is commercially available today is readily available online as well. By spending several bucks, you can add songs or whole albums, and even movies to your digital library. That way, movies and songs will not take up physical space anymore. And they will be available for streaming from your smartphone, computer or TV.

A shelf full of DVDs
Your huge movie collection might need to go away

Do note that higher resolution movies are pricier. So, you might need to spend somewhere around $30 for a 4K movie if you are an ultra-high definition movie enthusiast. All the while, SD movies cost around $8-$10, and HD ones cost around $12-$16. It all depends on the store you are buying the movies from. It may sound like an expensive deal, but in the long run – it definitely pays off. Since movies and music that you purchase in this manner will be available indefinitely for you in your music or movie library online. Be sure to check out some tips on how to stop hoarding and breathe easier.

Why the Clothes and Shoes?

We all have some clothing, shoes and boots lying around that are still comfortable when we wear them. However – they may be torn in some places or visibly worn out in others. While not necessarily a bad thing, not all occasions are suitable for you to wear older clothes. If you are not using a jacket for nice outings downtown or work activities – it might be a good idea to include it in the items you should throw away for good.

An old boot
Old and hard to restore shoes should be thrown away

The same goes for shoe soles. They might be worn out or deformed – perhaps even bent from all the walking or running you’ve done in them. Still – they might be fine for some casual outings, but perhaps not as good for business meetings or more formal meet-ups.

Magazines, Other Papers and Books

Over time, we tend to accumulate so many different magazines – either from friends or family. Some we even buy ourselves. What we forget is that all these papers in form of flyers, paper ads, pamphlets are very temporary. What that means is that once you buy something to skim through – the material written inside “expires” pretty fast. Did you buy a tech magazine covering the latest phones? Good luck getting back to the same magazine 4-6 months in the future. All the phones and modern gadgets will become obsolete. This way – if you are an avid reader of the material of certain topic, you will find that over time you have gathered a magazine stack too many.

Magazines stacked together
Be sure to check which magazines contain irrelevant and unneeded information

However, you can’t say the same for books, as books are definitely eternal. Of course, there are some exceptions where books cover obsolete trends or research. In these cases, you can throw book away, or even give them away to libraries. This way, you might want to learn how to let go of unwanted books and magazines.

The verdict

In the end, it all boils down to your state of mind. Think clean, very simple and keep only the bare essentials. After covering some of the items you should throw away before moving, not only will your relocation be easier and cheaper – but also faster. Furniture, magazines, books, tech gadgets… you name it. If it hasn’t been used in a while – perhaps it doesn’t have a place in your new home.

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