Ways to Cut Moving Expenses

Moving Tips - February 17, 2019

When it comes to relocation of one’s home, the most attention and worries go to the money expenses. It is not an easy activity to organize a move, especially if you are on a budget. A moving process contains a lot more things that you should take in consideration when you decide to change your home. With a good organization and setting your priorities, things can be much easier. And a level of stress, that is usually the highest moving enemy, can be downsized. In order to save some money and have a smooth relocation, this article might be helpful. In the text below we will try to bring you closer to some ways on how to cut moving expenses.

First things first

Covering every segment of the moving process is of big importance. Hence, gathering information about every aspect is crucial. Not only that you can avoid moving mistakes that people make due to lack of knowledge. That, by the way, might lead you to spend more money that you have. You will also be aware of the concept of living in a place of your new home. The little dose of fear of the unknown is such a  common thing in life. If you are moving to Illinois for the first time, getting to know it in advance will be highly valuable. This might be time-consuming, but if you want to cut moving expenses, you must put some effort into it.

A woman researching how to cut moving expenses
Gathering information is from a big importance

Right movers can be your blessing

To ensure you’ll have the most efficient move possible, it would also be practical to seek the help of professional movers. This way, you can be ensured of having an expert’s recommendation to safely transport your items to your next destination. It is not impossible to have professional yet affordable movers. Downsizing will make your budget happy, but it will be quite a challenge if you know where to start. So here is our list which will guide you step by step into this tough process.

De-cluttering of your home is a great way to cut moving expenses

This is the right time when you should open all your closets and cabinets and sort items in order. Not everything that you have in your possessions should be on side for packing. The fewer things you have to relocate, the lower your moving costs will be. A great way to cut moving expenses, isn’t it? So, begin downsizing your home by removing all the clutter and garbage that you may have inside.

A closet full of clothes
Sort out belongings that you don’t need to move with you

What do you do with the things that are in a good condition and can be used but you have decided not to move them?

You can organize a moving sale and sell whatever you can in order to get some money. That way you can earn some extra money to spend on other things. And every dollar means a lot when you are moving and want to cut moving expenses. You can also donate things to charities, or even recycle some items. For things that you want to keep, but will not have space for them in your new home, there is an option. You can always use a storage unit.

Plan your moving budget ahead

Whether we are talking about the limited budget or open one it is equally important to know all the costs. The first thing that you should do is make a budget plan and decide what your limits are. That way you will know the maximum amount of money that you can spend. By monitoring the moving expenses, you can know what to expect. And also if there is a chance to bypass some of them. All in all, gather all the information you think it is relevant and put them on paper. With a carefully made moving plan, you will be able to avoid overspending.

A woman making a plan
Make a moving budget plan

How to pack your belongings efficiently

Reused boxes

After you are done with the inspection of your belongings, you should start packing. Packing can save quite a sum of money if done properly. First, you need to check out which packing materials you already have and go out to buy what you miss. Then, check if you have your old boxes lying around in a garage or the attic. You can always ask your friends or family if they have some leftovers from their last move. Check out local stores if they can provide a few boxes. Usually, they throw them out, but you’ll find greater use of them and it is free.

Other packing supplies can save your money, too

To avoid using expensive covers, air bubble and packing paper, you can turn toward a few alternative methods. You can crumple newspaper to serve as a cushion and fill inside of the box with it. Also, you can use blankets and old clothes to wrap up your valuables in the same manner. Basically, you are able to use any kinds of old rags, sheets or sweaters as protection.

Packing on your own requires a few smart moves and good use of materials available. But there are some things you can’t pack yourself even if you want to. In case you have bulky and extremely heavy items in your possession do not hesitate to hire help. We advise checking heavy equipment movers that are specialized in handling big and heavy tasks. With thousands of satisfied customers, they are your best choice.

Moving during the off-peak season will cut moving expenses

If you moved at least once in your life, you already know that summer is the best period for moving. Days are longer and weather conditions are in your favor. But costs vary between seasons and summer is the most expensive one. You can save up to 30% of the total cost of a move if you choose to relocate in non-moving season. In this case, winter is your best choice. There are fewer people moving and there is less work in the moving industry. Because of that moving companies offer great deals to attract customers.

The non-peak season runs from September through April and you should make use of it. Also, despite the popular belief that rain and snow will make a move impossible, that is not true. Since there are fewer vehicles on the road overall, the trip you are making is actually safer. Moving companies take extra precautions and have a great way of dealing with bad weather. In conclusion, moving during the winter can save your hard earned money and the extra safe aspect is just a bonus. The only thing you’ll have to put up with is bad weather.

Snow on the road and vehicles
Moving during the winter time can save your money

Have a fresh start

As you look forward to a new life, it would equally be important for you to cut moving expenses. And see your overall financial situation. These should get you started towards having a fresh start at your new home. It’s also important to work with a reliable and efficient mover to assist you with your moveWolley Movers Chicago is the # 1 moving company in Chicago. We assure you of friendly and helpful service. We hope you will have a more profitable relocation. Good luck.

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