How to determine the time your move will take

Moving Tips - October 26, 2018

Moving may be one of the most complex and challenging things one gets to the deal with during their lifetime. It can be very stressful and is actually among the top 5 stressful events in an average person’s life. There are a lot of things to think through when planning your move, and many of those can go wrong (some definitely will). However, you shouldn’t lose heart. Moving is also an opportunity for a fresh start, especially if you are moving somewhere further than two blocks away from your previous home. You will get a chance to meet new people, and to refresh your general view of life. There are several crucial things that can make your move successful or complicate it completely. Things like which moving company Chicago should you use, how should you pack your fragile items, or how to determine the time your move will take.

In this article, we will deal with how to determine the time your move will make. In this article, we shall cover all the crucial steps and give you tips for correctly dealing with this particular topic. Without further ado, let us begin!

To determine the time your move will take, start with basics:

Papers, papers, papers

One of the things people often forget about when thinking about moving is the massive paperwork they have to go through. There is a semi-literal mountain of documents to modify, obtain or cancel that you should deal with sooner rather than later. You have to obtain medical records for you and your family and children’s records from school, for starters.

money, a pen and paper
Dealing with the papers will take a lot of your time

Next, your driving license has to be transferred and you need to get a new registration certificate for your car. There are also lots of subscriptions that you will either want to modify your registered address or simply cancel. To do all of these things properly will take at least about a month or so.


The importance of this step simply cannot be overestimated. No one knows every single thing that they have in their home. Making an inventory is useful for several reasons:

  • Firstly, you can better organize yourself which will result in a more efficient and faster packing.
  • Secondly, it makes it easier to throw away things that you don’t need, once you see all of them listed on a paper.
  • Thirdly, unpacking will also be far easier, because you can plan where each of your things will go.
  • And fourthly, in case your moving company damages or misplaces some of your things, giving a full list of items lost/damaged will be one of the documents that you will need in order to get your insurance.

We recommend that you divide your list on rooms of your home, and organize into further subsections. This is not as much of a complex process, but rather a time-consuming one, so it is important in order to determine the time your move will take.

Hand that holds a key to help you to determine the time your move will take
It is hard, but not impossible to determine the time your move will take.

So, that is why you want to start with making an inventory, 7 to 8 weeks before moving. You will need time to go through all the things you want to throw away or donate. Also, if you decide to sell some things, that will also require time, so don’t postpone this. This is because you will probably want to put some of these things on the internet, and selling things this way can get complicated. Furthermore, you may want to organize a garage sale, which is an easy way to get rid of some things and earn money.

Packing the house

Packing is the most sensitive part of the whole process and it is also the riskiest. You want to do this properly and carefully and so, you will need a lot of time for this. First, you need to provide more than enough packing equipment like boxes of various types, tapes, crates, etc. You should protect your belongings the best way possible, which takes time because if you do this in a hurry, some of your things will definitely get damaged during the transport and you don’t want that. It would be best to start packing as soon as you finish with making your inventory. Pack every day for several hours for several weeks and you should be all done when the moving day comes.

People and a dog in a white apartment
Packing takes the majority of your time, even when planned effectively

If you don’t plan on using professional packing services Chicago, this will, of course, take longer, but at least you can do it properly. This is one of the key elements that can help you determine the time your move will take. You should keep in mind that there are rooms like garage or attic that can be really challenging, since there are usually a lot heavy,  and that it is hard to estimate how long will it take to pack them. Depending on the size of the apartment, packing may take longer. There are though estimated average times packing lasts, depending on the size of your home.

  1. A studio or one-bedroom apartment – 12-16 hours;
  2. A two-bedroom house or apartment – 25-30 hours;
  3. A standard three-bedroom home – 40 hours;
  4. A four-bedroom house – 50-55 hours.

If you hire professionals, however, you can count on them pack things up 3 to 4 times faster.

How long does the actual moving take?

When you start loading the trunk, that is when you get the feeling that the whole thing is for real. Depending on whether you are moving from a house, or a building, whether you are on the ground floor, or the fifth, this will take several hours. The physical characteristics of the stairways and hallways and the accessibility of an elevator are very important. This part of the move will take anywhere from 2-7 hours.

As for the relocating part, it definitely depends on how far away are you moving. If your new home is across town, then the moving will take several hours at the most. But, if you are moving across the country, then it will take a couple of days or even a week.  Once you get there, and your things arrive too, you will need anywhere from several days to several weeks to unpack. Moving is a tricky business and requires a lot of effort, so any advice on how to determine the time your move will take is important. Good luck!

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