What to look for when hiring professional office movers

Moving Tips - November 16, 2018

When it comes to hiring professional office movers, it is important to act smart, to avoid possible damage and extra costs. Companies that provide office moving services offer you a safe choice if you pick them right. Even though it is possible, in theory, to do it yourself, it is a tricky business so it is probably the best to ask for professional help. Apart from possible damage, one more reason is your office schedule. When moving an office, it is important to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can continue with your work right away. That’s why hiring professional office movers is a good idea, and here are some things to pay attention to when hiring them.

office space
Be careful when hiring professional office movers

Start early and make a good selection

When choosing a commercial moving company, it is very important to start with a couple of choices. In order to do that, begin your search on time. This way you will have enough time to do a thorough research on office moving companies, and also avoid more costs when hiring close to the moving date. Do some research on companies that work in your area, so you can visit their offices and check details about them. Finding the best commercial movers Chicago may look like a difficult business, but don’t worry we are here to help you.

 Ask for recommendation

You will get the most accurate and trustworthy recommendation from somebody you know and trust. That’s why you should ask people you know when hiring professional office movers. People around you certainly have some moving experience, so they can share with you their positive and negative stories about office movers. You can also ask your business partners, who have similar office space like you. If they already had some office moving experience, they can surely help you out and give you some advice.

two girls talking and looking at their mobiles
When it comes to hiring professional office movers, your friends can help you a lot

Know what is a good office moving company

As you go through the companies and other people’s experiences, you will get a rough idea of how a good and trustworthy moving company should act. However, we prepared a list of good moving company characteristics just in case.

The company should make a proper moving inventory list

A reliable moving company will make a complete inventory list of your items. They should also determine how big and heavy your items are. This way, you can get detailed and precise moving quote Chicago and expect no surprises when the time comes to pay. Furthermore, make sure to tell them what are the items that can be excluded from the quote – items you want to sell or give away.

They shouldn’t ask for a large deposit

If a company asks you to make a large prepayment or to pay the whole sum, something’s not right. Reputable companies ask you to pay after the items are delivered to your new home. This is because sometimes unexpected things like damaged items happen, so the price can be different. Furthermore, with fraudulent companies, paying everything, and in cash, brings a risk of never seeing your items again. So be careful when hiring professional office movers, so you don’t end up paying more than it is necessary.

They should offer all the services you need

Apart from the commercial move services, a reliable moving company should offer a range of other necessary moving services. For example, you should be able to get packing services Chicago, or if you need some packing supplies, a reliable moving company should have them, too.

They should have proper branding and offices

A moving company should be trustworthy if they have address and offices that you can visit. This means that they’ve got nothing to hide. You can easily contact them, too, and see their storage space if it is necessary. Their moving vehicles should be properly marked with the company’s name on them. Furthermore, you should be able to find them easily on the internet, visit their website and find contact information. All in all, a reliable moving company should present themselves proudly and openly.

moving trucks
Professional moving company needs to have proper vehicles

Insurance is a must

It is true that not all moving companies have the same business rules, so you may want to double check all the necessary details. You may think that insurance is something that is a must with every company, but you are wrong.  When hiring professional office movers, it is necessary for you to find somebody with a license and of course, moving insurance.

Other tips on moving your office

When you finally decided on the right professional office mover, it is time for you to plan your office move. Here are some tips on how to do it easily:

  1. start on time and let the people you work with know about the move – start your moving process on time, and be sure to let everybody you work with know, so they can prepare themselves for the move.
  2. Declutter – now is the time to get rid of all the things you don’t need. Go through your items and see if there are old papers you can recycle, old devices you may want to upgrade,etc. This way you will have more space at your new office and reduce the moving costs.
  3. Compare office plans – take floor plans of both old and new office and compare them. See if your items can fit, and what are the changes you need to make. This way you will be prepared and movers can put your furniture in the right places at your new office space.
  4.  change your contact information – make sure to change your address, phone and other contact details on your website, business cards, and social networks so people can find you from the moment you move.
  5. take care of your plants – we all love plants in our offices. However, most of the companies don’t move them, so you need to arrange that by yourself.

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