Do you know your moving rights?

Moving Tips - January 6, 2019

Yes, do you know your moving rights? The thing that you need to know before there is any problem. How else can you know that you can file a claim 90 days after the moving? Not to mention the items your moving company will not move. Because of all this, you have to be fully aware of the contract and the small letters. You already know when you want to move and how to pack your antiques with the best of antique movers Chicago. Be careful about the insurance policy as well in that case. Do not indulge in any kind of activity until all the possibilities are on the table. So, keep reading and find out more about a binding estimate.

Where and how to know your moving rights?

First of all, you need to understand that the rules are different for different types of moving. So, if you want to have an interstate or intrastate moving, the taxes will be different. But, the main procedures would still be the same. When you contact the moving company, they are obliged by the law to inform you about the moving process. Having said that, they should present you all moving documents that you need to understand and agree to. As long as you and the moving company agree on the Terms and Conditions, you shouldn’t think about the moving mistakes to avoid. That is why when the contract is signed, it is all confirmed-the ultimate reason to know the contract to the bits.

What else do you need to know your moving rights?
How to know your moving rights?

So, one of the options is to ask the moving company. Prepare your questions and collect as much information as you can. The other option to know your moving rights is to consult The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There you can even check the reviews of the moving company in question. Of course, you want to hire a company that is registered with FMCSA. You want to have the confirmation that the company is licensed and insured. This is a part of your moving rights, having access to important information.

Another thing you should cover is the tips to declutter your home before a move. Think about the benefits this can have for your relocation.

Do you know your moving rights about binding estimates?

It is necessary to have a binding estimate since it represents the contract. That has to be in a written form and signed by you and your mover so that it is official. This official document contains all charges in regards to moving and it can be a non-binding and binding one. A non-binding one depends on the weight of your shipment and as such the costs are not guaranteed.

Thus, the amount that you would have to pay at the beginning and on the actual moving day, can be different. Yet, the moving company mustn’t demand from you to pay more than 110 percent of the original estimate you had. Please note that if there are any more charges on the actual moving day, the company will seek it after 30 days of the delivery. So, pay attention to Extra fees apply to know your moving rights.

Do you want to sign a binding estimate?
Find the difference of binding estimates.

The option that doesn’t depend on the weight of your shipment is a binding one. Among others, this is just one of the things to know before moving to Illinois. A binding estimate does not depend on the weight of your shipment. That is one of the biggest differences with a non-binding estimate. All that you need to do is to create an inventory list and stick to it. If the shipment weights more than at the beginning, it does not matter.

The main thing is that you have an inventory list and the price will be guaranteed. Yet, there’s a small catch. You have to be sure to enlist all the belongings that you have, otherwise, the company can refuse to ship them. Or worse, they can ask you to pay extra for them. And this is actually good since it protects both sides, the customer and the moving company.

Know your moving rights about moving insurance

If you’re looking for last minute movers Chicago, there are more things to know. Moving insurance is one of them. You have two options off moving insurance. These are the full value protection and the released protection. The first one understands that all your items will be protected in any case of damage. The second one is different in the sense that your moving company assumes liability for 60 cents per pound and per article.

You do the math and choose the option that suits you best. Moving insurance is a very important topic and you need to know your moving rights. For example, every item that has a value of more than $100 is considered an item of extraordinary value. If something is damaged, take a picture of it and file a claim (you can do this within 9 months from the delivery).

Which type of moving insurance fits you best?
Find the best option for moving insurance.

Then, the moving company from Chicago is on the move. They need to confirm the receipt of the claim in 30 days. The company in question has to come up with an offer within 120 days. So, moving insurance, binding estimates, sources of information to know your moving rights are being presented. Of course, you need to master them all in order to have a successful moving. Ask your friends and family for some of the problems that they had while moving. Stick to that planning and be sure to have all pieces of information. Prepare your questions and do not sign anything until you are ready. Don’t forget about the tips to cope with the stress of moving.

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