Best ways to reward your movers

Moving Tips - January 22, 2019

There are many ways to reward your movers. However, you should know why would you reward them for a job that they are already paid to do. It means that you have calculated how much you paid them per hour and made the conclusion that they deserve more. On the other hand, do not forget what they have done for you:

  • How many things could go wrong if they were not here to pay attention to;
  • Do not forget the efforts they invested in handling your relocation;
  • They surely saved you money and time with well-organized packing and moving services Chicago;
  • It is important to remember how professional they were during the whole process;
  • Having proven themselves as experienced workers, there are surely many ways to reward your movers;
  • This is especially important if they had heavy items to move.

It is not a secret that many people reward their moving crew after the relocation. Nobody complains about that, including the employees. So, if you feel thankful for their effort, there are many ways to reward your movers.

Gifts in red paper
You do not need to prepare expensive gifts for your workers

Refer to employment as a reward

Workers’ boss already provides a salary. However, you can ask for an additional payment or reward for your workers. Contact moving association if it is needed. The best way is actually to start with referrals. This is definitely the best ways to reward your movers.

Ask their boss for advice

It is not harmful if you ask their boss how to reward them. They surely know which reward is the best for their workers. On the other hand, they know what are common ways to reward your movers? Sometimes they can consider other conditions in a company, too. If you are one of the luckiest you have cooperation with one of the Hyde Park movers. They surely know how and when to reward your movers.

Recommendation or a referral

We know that nothing is worth enough today as a recommendation. Companies are struggling for the place on the market nowadays. They are not sure of your good thoughts if you have not said to your friends for them. The best ways to reward your movers is to tell people how good they were. You should not be a marketing master, though. Talking with the family and colleagues is good enough.

Praise their work and appreciation

For many workers, the best ways for rewarding is to thank them in front of the boss. Praise their appreciation and show how professional they were. They will be thankful for your effort. On the other hand, you will show to the boss that they have chosen good workers.

Ways to reward your movers on moving day

It is for sure that everybody wants to take reward when the job is done. On the other hand, it could be motivating and supportive of your movers. The best way to show that you are thankful is to show it as soon as possible. There are few common ways to reward your movers.


We know that you are satisfied if you give extra money for our job. It is the best way to reward somebody since money exists. On the other hand, it is not easy to assume how much to give. Usually, people give $20-$40 per worker. On the other hand, somebody gives 5% of the final price to workers. If you feel that is a too high amount, ask their boss for advice. However, do not make this process humiliating for a worker. Shake his hand and say thanks to him. Make sure that you gave equal money for every worker individually.

Sign "tip"
Tips are one of the oldest ways to reward workers.

Food and drink

Nobody will say no for food and a drink when the hard job is about. You can choose if you give lunch and make a break when moving. On the other hand, you can give food after the job is done. It is not hard to predict what they love the most. We are sure that everybody loves pizza. When the drink is about, it is one of the ways to reward your movers, too. However, make sure that you have not given them alcohol during the working day. Leave that for the end of the job. Or, you can give juices or water.

Help them

We are sure that you have already planned to be there when moving starts. However, you can help your movers days before moving. Pack your boxes properly, label them well. Make sure that you are in front of the house on time. Remove pets and small kids. You can help even when senior moving is the objective.

Hands of an old person
Even the seniors should reward workers.

Provide safety

Make sure that you provided them safe access to the house. There are so many ways for that. If you are in snowy areas, clean entrance. Remove all dangerous items. Move your car from the entrance, too. You should also provide access to the bathroom and a toilet. Make sure that they have a toilet paper and hand soap.

Ways to reward your movers that are immaterial

There are so many ways to show that you are thankful for a well-done job. Those should not be always material things. You can show to your workers that you appreciate their job at every time.

Provide a comfortable place for relaxing

Even though they are workers in your house, they have the right to be tired. Especially if they have a very hard item to move. We are sure that moving a piano, for example, exist effort. You can organize a room or a sofa for resting.

Leave a good review on the internet

Everybody loves to be mentioned on the internet in a good way. If they exist from the clients, it is even more important. So, do not hesitate to say how good their employers are. If you had a deal with Edgewater movers, for example, and you are thankful for their effort, say that clearly.

Be friendly

After all, being friendly is one of the ways to reward your movers. Do not forget to be pleasant and nice with them. They will know that you are a client who deserves more attention and effort.

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