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Skokie is a village in Cook County, Illinois, United States. Its name comes from a Native American word for “fire”. Skokie is also the home of the Rand McNally Corporation, the renowned mapmakers. There are also huge research installations dealing with toxicology laboratories, genomics and chemistry and also has the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.All of the colleges, and museums have used the Wolley Movers to move artifacts, historical items books, laboratory equipment and such. Rand McNally of course ships their abundant maps out of Skokie.

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Delivery service mover manWe are often been called back and forth to move people from Chicago into the beautiful city with it’s historic districts, it’s beautiful parks and of course the incredible Genesee Theater downtown. We have always breathe a sigh when leaving the Metropolis of Chicago to come back to home. But whether you are relocating to or your area, you will wish to utilize our services as we are the most reliable and completely trustworthy company available.

We guarantee that we will keep your possessions not only safe from damage, but free from theft or vandalism while in our trucks. Peace of mind is considered one of our hallmarks.

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