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The beautiful state is filled with historic sites that allow us to see the grace and dedication of our forebears. Many of the items that fill the many museums that abound in had to be moved there with infinite care. Our movers were up to the demanding job each and every time, whether taking items to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum or to the Art Institute of Chicago.

Handling your belongings correctly and securely is all part of being a careful mover and you can always count on the highest degree of professionalism with Illinois movers.

We Can Help Make Your Move Simple!

Illinois is considered to be one of the fastest growing communities within the County. It has provided an important choice for those residents who are either interested in city living or perhaps suburban living. When one of its residents needs to move either from or to those city or suburban homes, they need a moving company located in Illinois.

More often than not, we are called upon to move them due to our finest reputation for moving reliability as well as having some of the most polite moving staff in Illinois. We are singularly proud to be a moving company in Illinois.

Providing National Transport

For a state that was incorporated in 1854, it is no wonder that it is so filled with antiques from its 19th century brownstones, to those handsome Gothic Revival, Tudor and Queen Anne homes that can be found in the Northeast neighborhoods. And then there is the amazing National Historic District found in Spring-Douglas, all replete with antiques.

This is why the Wolley movers exists. We are instrumental in relocating so many of these fabulous antiquities as well as the private belongings of those who move. We are totally reliable to move such without occasioning any mishaps, thefts or breakage thus we are considered the premier Illinois Moving Company.

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