Ways to Add Additional Storage Space to Your Home

How To - January 31, 2019

We all love our homes, and we love the things inside of them. It is very easy to start cluttering your space and keeping things that you actually don’t need. And in case you are moving – that is the moment when you realize that you have too many things. Our honest advice on how to add additional storage space to your home is to first get rid of the items you don’t actually use anymore. But, we also have prepared some additional tips and tricks on how to add space to your home. And by doing that, you might actually keep some things that you don’t use but don’t want to throw away.

The first step to add additional storage space to your home

As we mentioned before, the first step is to actually get rid of the things that you don’t use anymore. Basically, the first thing is to declutter your home and keep the things you use or you have a strong emotional attachment. We advise you to donate belongings and in that way, you will help someone. There are a lot of places where you can donate clothes, shoes, appliances and similar. If you are moving, you can always organize a garage sale and by doing that you will add some money to your budget. That money you can use to hire professional packers to help you relocate with ease!

A sign that says give and take.
You can always donate your belongings and create additional space.

How to actually create a good storage space?

Well, you probably have read a lot on the subject how to add additional storage space to your home and you have some ideas. But not all of them are good or they will help you. A proper and good storage solution should help you create more space, makes things easier to find and help you get organized better. Also, if it is in a visible place it should look nice. You should keep those things in mind when you are relocating. You should choose a nice home where you can be creative and you can create a lot of additional storage space. If you are moving to Illinois you need to find a proper moving company as well. They can maybe give you some nice tips on how to save space!

Your bed can be a great storage place

When you are thinking about how to add additional storage space to your home, your bed might be the first thing to think about. You can find a bed that has a lot of drawers. That way, you will have additional space. And, the most important thing – it will look really nice. You can find different beds that have shelves, drawers that can store all of your precious belongings!

A bedroom.
You can create a lot of additional storage space in your bedroom.

Also, a great thing to consider is a storage chest. You can place it in your bedroom, and store all the linens there. It can be really pretty and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. This is a really great way to add additional storage space to your home. And, as we mentioned it can be really chic and modern. Or you can go for a retro look! Either way – this is a really great way to save some space in your new home.

Think vertically

When it comes to storing items, a lot of people just think about left or right. But, you don’t take into consideration vertical space! You can add vertical shelves around your home, behind doors for example. This is a great place for things that you do not use often or maybe some worn items. But keep in mind that you really shouldn’t store anything heavy really high since it can easily collapse. You can buy some ladders that can help you reach these items that are higher. And, you can even use ladders as a part of the decor!

Make sure to measure correctly

This is one of the things that people usually forget, or they take it for granted. You can ask your Chicago movers about advice, and they will tell you the same thing. A lot of people measure just once and when the moving day comes they can’t fit the belongings like they thought they can. So, this is one of the most important rules when it comes to adding additional space – measure twice! This way, you will know how large of a plastic bin you need and how much belongings you can actually pack into your home!

Get furniture that can fit your needs

So, for example, you should get a coat rack. You will have a really interesting piece of furniture but you will also have a good place to store your coats and purses. It can be in some corner where it won’t take much space! Also, did you ever thought about a desk with storage cubicles? If you are working from home, you can easily place all of the things inside of it.

Label everything

People take this for granted, but if you label everything correctly it can save you a lot of time and space. You will be able to take your belongings really easy and you will know for which box to reach first. And when you are moving, this is just one of the main moving tips. Your movers will tell you that. But, this rule applies when you are trying to add additional storage space to your home. You can maybe find a perfect closet that can fit all the boxes, but you need to know what is inside of them.

Marker pens in different colors.
Make sure to label everything correctly.

You can always rent a storage unit

If you have some big and bulky items that you would like to keep, but you simply don’t have enough space – you can always rent a storage unit. And not just that, you can hire heavy equipment movers that will help you relocate those items into the storage unit. But keep your storage unit organized. You might gain some additional space to your home by renting it. But that doesn’t mean that you should clutter your storage unit!

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