How to keep your kids busy during a move

How To - November 28, 2018

Moving alone is stressful enough without having to deal with extra responsibilities. Especially when you are trying to move a whole family home. Kids are curious and will want to know everything there is to know about what you are doing. They will be running around and trying to get your attention. That’s why it’s important to keep your kids busy during a move. There are many ways in which you can accomplish it. From getting them to help with the move, to finding them something else to do. You can enlist your friend or family member to help with it, or try and do it yourself.

First steps you need to take

In order to plan exactly how you are going to keep your kids busy during a move it to determine exactly how long the move will take. If your packing will take only a few hours, you can get away with giving your phone to the kids. But if it will take much longer, you will need to get a little bit more creative.

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Determining how long the moving will take is the most important question to ask your movers!

Find a fast moving company

In order to cut down on the time, you will need your kids occupied, it’s essential to find movers that are reliable and quick. You don’t want to have to prolong your move because the movers forgot something. And you don’t want movers in your house for days. Wolley Movers Chicago, for example, offer local and long distance relocation that is quick, reliable and most of all – stress-free. It might not seem related, but by hiring quality movers you will make it much easier both on yourself and your kids

Plan everything in advance

No matter if you are hiring movers or moving on your own – you need to prepare for everything. By planning for everything you will be able to manage your time much more efficiently. Make both moving checklist and a checklist for activities with your kids.

Keep the kids occupied during packing

Moving is stressful, expensive and usually very time-consuming. You simply won’t have enough time to spend with your children during the move. Even if you hire the best residential moving services in Chicago, there is still a lot to be done. You need to pack, plan and manage everything. You need to sort out your belongings and throw away the things you don’t use anymore. Especially when you are moving your entire family home. So, keeping kids occupied during packing can save you a lot of time.

Kids drawinf as part of Keep Your Kids Busy During a Move
You need to keep your kids busy during the move!

Give them assignments

Kids love to help. They may not be able to do it as efficiently and precise as you would, but they are usually willing to give it a try. That’s why getting them to help you is one of the best ways to keep your kids busy during a move. Find a small pile of stuff that they can sort, pack and label. It should be something that can’t break easily, and something that the love.

Their toys are usually the best solution. Explain that by carefully packing them the will be able to play with them once you get to your new place. Even if they don’t finish packing them, it will occupy them long enough for you to finish packing the most delicate items.

Keep the TV on for as long as possible

Sitting in front of a TV for a long period of time isn’t a great activity for kids. But they love it. And in this scenario, it might just give you the time and space you need to finish packing. So, leave the packing of your TV for the very last minute. Download a few movies and let the kids watch. They will be happy that they can watch their favorite movies, and you will be able to pack without worrying about them.

TV in a living room
By letting your kids watch TV, you will have time to finish preparations for the move!

Pack when kids are away

One of the tricks to easier packing is to pack when the kids are not at home. If you are moving during a school year, the time your kids spend in school can be a great opportunity for packing. You will have peace and quiet. You will have free time to do it properly and without distractions.

Get a friend to help keep your kids busy during a move

Moving is a big undertaking, and you will certainly need some help from friends or family. And we all have that one friend that kids just adore. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to ask them to come and keep your kids busy during a move. Try to keep that friend as free as possible when it comes to packing and moving so he or she can spend as much time with the kids as possible. They can play video games together, go outside, walk and talk. Your kids will be happy and you will have enough time to finish your move on time. And if they get tired, you can easily switch roles and you can take over watching the kids.

Find activities for your kids to do during a move

When it comes to occupying your kids for a longer period of time, you need to be creative. Finding activities that will keep your kids busy during a move isn’t easy. But with a little preparation, it will be a breeze. You should come prepared for the moving day. When your movers come you will want to keep the kids out of the way. Most of your stuff will be packed and loaded, so making a moving day activity kit is a great option. You will have plenty of boxes, so take one out of the pile and fill it with supplies. From crayons to playing cards. Everything that you think will interest your kids. Try and make it as light as possible and pack it last.

That way, when you get to your new home you will be able to take it out first and give it to your kids. Make sure you pack a few books in case they want to read a little. Pack a bunch of pencils and crayons and enough paper to last them at least a couple of hours. And an old phone can also be a great solution. Avoid giving them your phone since you will probably need it during the move. And playing games can deplete a battery pretty quickly.

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