How to prepare your car for transport

How To - May 20, 2019

Once you decide to relocate, it is time to start thinking about all the things that should be covered before the moving day comes. If you are moving to Chicago, you’ve made the right choice. There is no better place for having a peaceful, yet vibrant life. But, before you reach the city of opportunities, it is time to pay attention to the organization of the moving process. Among all the tasks that relocation requires, let’s not forget to prepare your car for transport. With a few useful tips, you will be ready for your relocation with a smile on your face.

Preparations for relocation might start

There is no better way to begin preparations for your relocation than by making a good moving plan. Relocation might be a complicated process so it will be much easier if you can prepare everything up front. Hiring a reliable moving company is the first thing that should be on your moving checklist. As there will be a lot of packing, you might also need help here. Especially if you possess fragile and old valuables. In that case, the best option is to choose antique movers, which will take the utmost care of your belongings. With the help of professionals, with extensive experience, you can save your time, energy, and money. That means you will have more time for yourself and other tasks that one moving requires.

planner on the table
Make a good moving plan

How to prepare your car for transport- step by step

People decide to use the services of car transportation mostly when they are moving overseas or have a long-distance relocation. It is easier if you just book a flight and leave the rest to the professionals. But, before they come and pick your car, there are some things that you should do on your own. Let us see what you can do to prepare your car for transport and be sure that your car will be safe and sound.

Make your car clean and tidy

The first and most important thing you should do is to thoroughly wash the exterior of your car. Dirt and dust can hide minor scratches, dents or damages. Upon the arrival of your car at the final destination, you will be able to easily recognize any possible damages, caused by the transport process. When the transport company comes to pick up your car, do not forget to make a Bill of Lading. That will be a proof which confirms the state of your vehicle, pre and upon the transportation. Keep a copy of it with you and check the car when it’s delivered. You can also take pictures of pre-existing damages for your record, with the time and date. It can be used as evidence if something goes wrong during transport. Mark them on the Bill of Lading before you sign it.

car wash
Wash your car

Avoid carrying personal items

Auto transport companies are not authorized to move any personal or household items with the vehicle they are transferring. Even though some of them can make an exception, but it is completely up to your discretion. Our word of recommendation is to remove all the valuable things and documentation from your car. Your insurance may not cover those items, so it is better to be on a safe side. Besides that, the less is the weight of your vehicle, the lower the costs of transportation will be. During the transport, items might shift and cause damage to your car. That is one more good reason why the car should be empty.

Remove car accessories to prepare your car for transport

When the security of the car comes, you should think about removing all car accessories. To decrease the chances of theft, take your valuable items with you. Ensure that they are safe, so take away all custom products such as stereos, GPS systems, DVD players, chargers and other. Do not forget to remove toll tags and parking passes. You would not like to pay fees of each toll your car passes through, during the transportation. Secure loose parts or specialty items. Those are ground effects, fog lights, spoilers, racks, etc. In case you have wide mirrors, fold them back and retract the antennae. If you have a convertible car, put the top up and seal any holes to prevent potential disasters from the wind or rain.

To prepare your car for transport remove all car accessories
Remove car accessories such as a GPS system

Some car types have very sensitive alarm systems, so do a favor to transport company drivers and disable them all. It can be uncomfortable for them to listen to the alarm going off while they are driving.

To finally prepare your car for transport have a full inspection

Besides visible damages or glitches on your car, there might be something that needs a full inspection. It would be very useful to take your car to general maintenance or at least inspect it by yourself. By having proper maintenance of your car, you will be sure that it will be ready for use upon the arrival. Importantly, you will know if there is anything that you should report to the transport company, such as leaks. Some of the companies might refuse to load the car on the truck. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry, invest some time in this part of preparations. These are the things on which you should pay attention:

  • Do not fill up the tank, empty the gas tank to ¼ full.
  • Have a look at tire pressure. Tires should not be overinflated or under-inflated.
  • Double – check all the fluids in your car, from oil, brake, power steering to washer.
  • Ensure that your vehicle has a fully charged battery.

If your car is inoperable, make a notice to the transportation company. They will need special equipment to load it into the truck.

Think about insurance

Last but not least, car insurance. Even if you probably have the car insurance, check with your insurance company if it applies during auto transport. If not, purchase additional insurance with the transportation company, which will cover possible damages on the road. As this is one of many important moving documents, you should always have it near you. One more thing, after you lock up your car and load it on a truck, be sure to have an extra set of keys with you. As you will have to give one pair of keys to the auto transport driver, make sure you have spare ones before the moving day comes.

car keys
Have spare keys of your car

The conclusion is clear – it is not so difficult to prepare your car for transport. With a bit of an effort and tips that you have collected, your vehicle will be set to reach a new destination. And ready to start adventures on new roads. For successful completion of the whole relocation, Arlington Heights movers are here for you, willing to help. With the variety of services that we are providing, you can have a stress-free relocation, and a great new beginning. Do not hesitate to give us a call.

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