How to prepare for moving in bad weather

How To - April 6, 2019

People mostly prefer to move their home or business during the summer time due to better weather conditions. But what to do when you are in a situation to move during the winter time? Well, it might be a bit more difficult, but it can be perfectly accomplished. By knowing the crucial things about moving in bad weather, you will be able to move without stress. That is why we will give you some tips on how to do it properly and have a pleasant relocation.

Relocation as itself

Deciding to move is a big and important step in one’s life. It is quite a challenging thing to uproot yourself from old habits. Changing a living space, environment, probably the job and adapting to the new things. All of this might be energy and time- consuming. But, on the other hand, it usually brings a lot of positive changes. Moving to Illinois is probably the best decision that you’ve made. You will experience a great lifestyle here, with plenty of opportunities. So, do not let yourself down if you are moving in bad weather. There are also positive sides of it, in which you will have an insight, in this article. After all, you will enjoy your new Illinois life.

How should you start preparations for moving in bad weather conditions?

Being in a lack of time for setting the date and organizing the move requires a last minute moving. In most cases, this is the main reason why people are in urge to move during the winter. But, if we look at a bigger picture of moving in a non-peak season we will realize the benefits of it. Not only that drivers pay more attention, so safety on the roads is higher. But moving companies are offering better prices and more flexibility. So, whatever the reason for your winter relocation is you can turn it into an advantage.

A woman researching how to prepare for moving in bad weather
Start with a good plan and moving checklist

Good organization is an inevitable part of every successful job, so it should be applied to the moving, as well. Prioritizing the tasks which you should complete and having a good plan are the points from where you should start. As there is a bunch of tasks, making a moving checklist will help you a lot. Especially when you are moving in bad weather conditions. To avoid possible damages and injuries, you should put all your attention in each segment of preparation.

Choose a reliable moving company

A helping hand is needed when it comes to relocation. And even more, when you should move under not so good weather conditions. Friends and family can be of great help. But, what you’ll appreciate the most are good movers. Choosing a reliable moving company has a big impact on your moving process. That is why we recommend our Oak Park movers. The team of trained people with experience will take the utmost care of all your belongings. The safety of your belongings is as important as the safety of you and your family.

Pack your belongings with special care

Probably the most time-consuming part of the preparation for moving in bad weather is packing of your possessions. Protection of your valuables should be on your mind. Except for finding Chicago moving boxes of different sizes, you will need other packing material. For this purpose, the best ones are plastic boxes or waterproof bins. Due to snow or rain, wrap your belongings in a protective blanket or sheet. You can also use extra layers of the air bubble. The plastic cover can also be useful while loading your boxes on the truck. Add some extra paddings for box corners. Do not leave them on the ground before you check if it is dry.

As you probably have some valuable items, you should consider hiring professional packers. They will pack your antiques, piano, pieces of artwork or even the whole home. Many moving companies are providing packing services, as well. Saving your energy for other things sounds like a good idea, isn’t it?

A room with antique furniture
Your antiques should be packed with special care

Safety measures for moving in bad weather

Winter might be the perfect time for making a snowman or watching movies. But it is not the best one for relocating your home. Snow, rain, ice and slippery roads might be the obstacles in this adventure. To protect yourself from injuries, but also your belongings from damages, safety measures should come first.

  • Check the weather forecast

While you are in the hurry to finish the packing you might forget that the weather might change for better or to worse. So, keep an eye on the forecast, because you will like to avoid snowstorm or blocked roads.

  • Let your pathways be clear

In case of snow, you should pack your garage the last. You will need the tools from there, such as shovels, for cleaning the pathways, sidewalks, and walkways. Do not forget about sand and salt, ensure that walking areas are free of icy and slippery conditions. Clear the area for a moving truck and make a pathway to the entrance of your home.

Person using a shovel to clean the snow
Clear all the pathways
  • Protect the inner home space

There will be a lot of traffic inside your home during the loading of the truck. To protect your home from snow, water and sand put the cardboard or plastic sheeting on the ground.

  • Protect yourself

Dressing up in layers and having hats and gloves to avoid frostbites is one of the ways to protect yourself. Waterproof boots are also recommended; you will not want to end up with the flu. So, prepare hot drinks for you and moving company workers, to keep you warm and hydrated.

  • First aid kit is a necessary part of preparations for moving in bad weather

The last but not least, first aid kit. Sometimes things are unpredictable, no matter how much we pay attention. So, you should have a first aid kit with you, just in case.

And there you go. With a bit more attention and safety measures you will not have to worry about moving in bad weather. Above all, you can cut the moving expenses. Moving companies can offer up to 30% lower prices during the winter or non-peak season time. And many other conveniences. Open your umbrella and have a nice relocation.

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