How to pack fragile items for transportation

How To - April 14, 2019

The time has come for you to participate in one of the most stressing and confusing times in people’s lives. The relocation of your household. There are too many things to cover, and with good organization and a moving checklist, you can cover it all. And one of the stages of this life-changing event is packing. To pack everything you possess is not easy, especially since not all items are packed the same way. In this article, we will inform you how to pack fragile items for transportation. Let’s dive into it.

What materials you need to properly pack fragile items for transportation

There are many variations of packing materials you can use while you pack fragile items for transportation. Some are more expensive but you will get your money’s worth if you use them properly. Let us cover the basics first. Moving boxes and packing tapes, along with scissors and box cutters are something almost everyone uses while packing. Also, the packing paper, newspaper and old cloth is present in all households. A more advanced approach would be to use corner paddings for your boxes, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, air bubble, and plastic bins.

Above all, you shouldn’t forget to pay attention to your moving boxes and to use labels and dark colored markers. Labeling a box is essential for safe relocation and later on for easier unpacking. Most of the materials mentioned will come in handy when you are packing your kitchen. That is the room with the most fragile and delicate items in the house.

To pack fragile items for transportation you will need proper packing material
Find proper material for packing delicate items

Boxes are important!

As we already stated before, moving boxes are the foundation of a good packing process. You can use small, medium and big boxes, depends on your needs. Cardboard is the way to go, but you can invest in plastic bins if you want. You can use them in the future, for storing or another move. But what is highly important when you pack moving boxes, is not to overstuff them. Your boxes shouldn’t be too heavy and they should be labeled properly. Use a dark blue or black marker and label boxes with the contents that are inside. When you pack fragile items for transportation, it is good that everyone knows which box contains some of them.

The best use of your packing materials

Once you have all your boxes and packing materials lined up and ready, it is time to start packing. And remember, keeping your items undamaged is the goal. If you look at it from a monetary perspective, it is a way to minimize the moving cost.

  • Securing the boxes – Inspect each box before you place anything inside. Check all the corners and secure them with paddings. Apply extra layers of tapes on the bottom for additional stability.
  • Make a cushion – Place old rags, blankets, and towels inside the box before placing anything else. This will make a cushion base that will protect your belongings. Peanuts and Styrofoam can be used in the same fashion if you decide to use them.
  • Wrap items – Wrapping your items in the air bubble, crumpled paper or towels will secure them even more. This will prevent collision between items. This technique is mostly used with glassware and highly breakable objects. It is one of the safest and best ways to pack fragile items for transportation.
  • Order of packing – Largest and heaviest items are to be placed on the bottom, followed with the lighter ones on top. Be sure to tuck in the gaps left between the items. Use crumpled paper, peanuts, and Styrofoam. And do not forget to fill the bigger items with smaller ones. This way you will get the box inside a box effect.
  • Seal the box – Use your packing tape once again to close out the box that you packed. Label with the content and with the word “fragile” in capital letters.

Inventory list

Making a list of all the content you are moving is a very smart thing to do. It is a part of good preparation and it will provide a headache free relocation. Also, it seems logical to mark your boxes and to write down the content that someone else will move. An inventory list will help you go through all the items to check if everything arrived safely. In that case, you need to make categories and subgroups and to check one by one. Some boxes contain a lot of small items. And instead of writing all of it on the box, just mark them with a number. The number should match the exact content of the box, that you previously wrote down on your inventory list.

Laptop and notebook on the table
Make an inventory list of your belongings

This is one of the best solutions, especially if you want to unpack quickly after moving. It is much easier to navigate and make a certain room functional if you know where all contents are. Furthermore, guided by your inventory list, you can check for fragile items right away. If anything is damaged, you can act quickly and make claims against your movers.

Hire professionals to pack fragile items for transportation

If you are not sure that you can pull this off on your own, we advise you to consider hiring professional help. Do a bit of research and find yourself a reliable moving company. Most of the moving companies offer a variety of moving services that you can find useful. And one company that offer such services are we – Wolley Movers Chicago. We offer packing services Chicago, like no other and we sure they will be of good use. A team of professionals will pack fragile items for transportation and relocate your household in safest and time efficient manner. And there are other moving services you might find interesting. If you need to rent a storage unit or to move across the continent. Or if you need to relocate special items that require proper tools and extra manpower. Check out some of the offers, you will for sure find something that suits you.

Be on the safe side

Special and delicate items in your possession require special care. In case you have a pool table or antiquities that have incalculable value, there is a solution. You should consider purchasing moving insurance. Most of the companies offer partial protection and it is important to negotiate and to inform yourself before signing. In case you need full coverage, seek insurance from a proper insurance company. This can be pricey, but it is a good investment if you plan to move irreplaceable items.

People making agreement and shaking hands
Before making an agreement with a moving company, check your moving contract

For a regular everyday move, insurance provided by a good moving company is sufficient. If you desire to protect your cargo and to keep everyone safe, simply purchase basic moving insurance. Although, do not forget to read your moving contract and insurance a couple of times before agreeing to anything. Not all moving companies are the ones you can trust. So, whether you need Edgewater movers or Chicago moving professionals, make sure the company you hire is a reliable one. Give them a call and have a safe relocation, regardless of if you purchased the insurance or not.

These were the very basic things you should know before you pack fragile items for transportation. Good preparation and organization are key to a successful relocation. And we wish you the safest one possible. Good luck!

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