How to pack belongings for storage

How To - May 6, 2019

Packing has always been not such an enjoyable part of the preparation for any journey. There is always too much stuff, doubts about what to pack, and inappropriate suitcases. Sounds familiar? When it comes to packing of your belongings for a big event, such as relocation, things might be more complicated. In case you are moving to a different place, or just want to put away things that you are not using, a storage unit is an excellent option. In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to pack belongings for storage.

Time for relocation?

So, the decision is made, you are moving to another place. Well, that’s wonderful! A new chapter is opening, and many different things are waiting to happen. Before you get to your final destination, an inevitable part of moving is waiting for you. That is- an organization of the whole moving process. Choosing the right moving company can save your time, energy, and money. Costs of moving vary depending on the services you need. You should not pick the one with the lowest prices. But, it is also not impossible to hire affordable movers in Chicago, which can provide quality services. Just do a bit of research, and you will find it. After creating a moving checklist, packing for moving, finding a moving company, what is left is to pack belongings for storage. So, let us start from the beginning.

Before you pack belongings for a storage unit, sort them out

The fewer things you have to move the lower costs of relocation will be. The same is with the storage facilities. So, before you start packing your possessions, open all wardrobes, closets, and attics and make a selection. Do a deep decluttering of your home and choose which items are for storing. Try to select only items which you will use at some point. All other belongings that you are not using anymore do not just throw away. If you have time you can sell them and earn some money. Recycling is also an option, as much as donating to charities.

Declutter your home, starting from wardrobes

Find proper packing material and prepare items for packing

After sorting out things which you will pack for storage, it is time to think about packing supplies. Good packing material will give protection to your belongings. Gather supplies such as packing paper, bubble wrap, tape and labels. And most importantly, find different sizes of moving boxes Chicago. You might also need plastic bins for some sort of items, so have them on the list, as well. They are more expensive but can provide a higher level of protection. And can last longer than cardboard boxes, so they are perfect for long-term storing. For extra padding, you can use old towels and clothes, one more way to save money.

Prepare items for storing systematically, so you can have easy access to them whenever you want. Ensure that they have the best possible protection against dust, moisture, dirt and any possible damages. Make sure that all items are clean and dry before packing. Dissemble larger items and pack each part separately. Consider renting a climate-controlled storage facility if you have delicate items or if you are storing for a longer period of time. Benefits of this type of storage space are great- less humidity, bacteria, and pests.

How to pack belongings for storage with easy

Storage facilities are multifunctional, which means you can put anything that you want, except for hazardous materials. Nevertheless, there should be some order, so pack items by their type. We will give you some tips for different types of items, that people mostly store.


The process of packing clothes for storage is almost the same when you are packing clothes for moving. The best possible way to protect your clothes from damages such as mold or moths is to hang them inside wardrobe boxes. For extra protection you can keep them in hanging garment bags, so your clothes can stay wrinkle-free and dust- free. Vacuum- sealed bags are perfect for clothes such as jackets and coats. But you can use it for any other clothes, as well. The greatest side of them is that they will shrink the volume of your clothes and make space for other items.

vacuum bag
Use vacuum bags for packing clothes


Start with cleaning all furniture and remove parts that can be removed. In the process of disassembling make sure that small parts such as nuts, screws, and bolts are in sealable plastic bags. Attach them, later on, with tape to the corresponding furniture piece. Wrap up furniture legs in bubble wrap, foam sheets or furniture covers. If you have wooden furniture, polish the piece or spray with oil, to avoid becoming too dry in you are storing them for a long period. Cover whole furniture pieces with cloth or blankets to protect them against dust and scratches.

Electronic devices and computers

Likewise, with the packing of fragile items, they require the highest level of safety. If you do not have original boxes of your electronic devices, use a regular one but with extra padding. Put a clean paper on them, bubble wrap it and tape it. Fill empty spaces inside the boxes with packing paper or peanuts. Seal them properly, do not let the moisture and dust get inside.

Fragile items

Fragile items such as plates, glasses, mirrors, vase, etc. should be packed individually. Use bubble wrap and packing paper and tape it securely. For heavier items use small boxes, line the bottoms of it with padding. And use crumpled paper, towels, cloth or other soft material to provide extra cushioning between items. Label each box, especially those with fragile items. Put a sign ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle with care’. Use specialized boxes for mirrors and pictures.

Plates and tea cups
Pay special attention when packing fragile items

Do not forget the inventory list when you pack belongings for storage

It can be a bit boring part to write down on the paper everything that goes into the storage unit. But, you will not regret if you do that. It is easy to forget what you have in your storage space. That is why the inventory list is priceless. Create a list with all the details about the items you are storing. Make a few copies of it and keep them in various safe places. In case of a natural disaster, the inventory list will be your proof and help you file an insurance claim.

Even if packing is considered as one of the most time- consuming tasks, things might be different. With a good organization and our tips, you can easily pack belongings for storage. In case you are in a rush, or you are not a fan of packing, Oak Park movers can do that for you. Among the many different services, we are also specialized in packing. The final decision is yours. We wish you a stress-free packing and smooth relocation.

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