How to Move with Pets

How To - July 9, 2019

Almost every pet owner considers their furry friend as a part and a member of the family. Their unconditional love makes us love them even more and take good care of them from the first day until the end. If you are relocating, there are some things you should know in order to move with pets without a problem. Pets are scared of the new environment but they adapt quickly. If you are making a move with pets, you should stay together. Pets will feel safe and comfortable if they are with you all the time. However, you should consider hiring Arlington Heights movers to assist you with your move! Today, we will talk about how to move with pets! So, let’s get started!

Move with Pets – What do you need to know?

In order to avoid or minimize relocation problems with your pets, you should organize and plan ahead. You should make plans and checklists for relocating your belongings and moving your pets as soon as you find out about the move. Start preparing at least a few months in advance. If you have a lot of valuable items, such as paintings, antiques, and art, you should hire antique movers to take care and safely relocate your valuable items.

However, if you are moving with your lovely pet, you should consider:

  • Laws and Regulations
  • Visit Current Vet
  • Find A New Vet
  • Pet Identification
  • Travel with Your Pet
  • Familiar Surroundings
  • Hire Professionals

Laws and Regulations

Every state has laws and regulations to the entry of pets. Therefore, before you move, contact one of the veterinarians in the capital city of the state you are moving to and learn about the laws. You can also find out about license fees and regulations for your pet by contacting the city clerk or town hall of the city you are moving to. You will also want to know how to help your pet adjust to your new home!

Move with pets! Make them feel comfortable and safe!
Learn laws and regulations. Contact one of the vets in the capital city that you are moving to and get information.

Move with Pets – Visit Current Vet

Some pets don’t like to travel. They become nervous and very scared. Visit your pet’s vet to help you with this problem! The vet will suggest behavior modification techniques or medication in order to help your pet go through the moving process. While you are there, get your pets medical record! You will have to transfer it to another location and another vets office. Ask your current pet vet if they can suggest some good vet in the city you are moving to. They might also schedule an appointment so you can go as soon as you arrive at your new destination.

Find a New Vet

If your vet or any of your friends can’t help you find a good vet at your new place, its time to search by yourself. If you are planning to visit your new home before you make a move, try to find a vet while you are visiting. You can transfer your pets medical records and schedule an appointment so you won’t waste your time searching for vet after you arrive.

Vet examining a cat.
Find a new vet before you move and schedule an appointment.

Pet Identification

In a case of emergency, you should make an ID tag with your pets name, your name, address and emergency name with an address and phone number in case you are not available or can not be reached at the moment. The easiest one to use is a luggage-type tag that has a writing space on both sides.

Move with Pets – Travel Together

Unless you are making a long distance move or planning to move overseas, you should relocate your pet by yourself. Pets are scared of the new environment but they adapt very fast and easily if they have someone that they trust around. Therefore, you should put your pet in your car and get to your new destination together. You should also plan ahead if your pet needs some special carriers for transportation. You can find special seat belts for a larger dog in the pet shops nearby!

Familiar Surroundings

If you want your pet to adapt fast and accept their surroundings quickly, you should keep their favorite items! For example, use their old food and water dishes that they are familiar with, don’t buy a new one immediately. If it’s possible, you should try to keep things where they used to be while you were living in your previous home. For example, food and water bowl by the back door, their place for sleep by the couch in the living room or toys and leash by the entrance door.

Cute, happy small dog, laying on their back.
Make your pet feel comfortable. Put their food and water bowl next to the back door, the same place where they used to be before the relocation.

Hire Professionals

Whether you are making a long or short-distance move, you should consider hiring a professional mover. If you decide to hire WolleyMovers you will get fast and efficient packing and relocating services. If you have some questions about the move, call your professional mover and their polite and helpful customer service worker will gladly explain everything in detail. Every professional moving company has well-trained workers and years of experience in the moving industry.  They will calculate the costs of your move in advance. A professional moving company has a lot of moving services to offer.

There, now you know how to move with pets! Take care of your little furball! They will feel the best if they are with you all the time. Therefore, if you are not making a long distance move or moving overseas, you should put your lovely pet in your car and take a ride to your new destination together! Have a good move and all the best!


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