How to keep employees motivated during relocation

How To - August 3, 2019

Want to get over with the office relocation as fast as possible? Involve all of your employees in the moving process! Relocating an office space is a bit harder than relocating a household. Why? Because you will also have to take care of your employees too. Hiring professional Oak Lawn movers is also a good idea. A professional mover will relocate your office fast and efficiently. Today, we will help you to figure out how to keep your employees motivated during relocation. So, let’s begin.

Keep your Employees Motivated During Relocation – Things you need to know!

Moving an office to another location is not an easy task. You won’t be able to execute this task by yourself. First of all, you should make an inventory checklist in order to prepare and get organized. Whether you are relocating your office locally or out of the state, you should hire a professional mover and get their commercial moving services. Movers will pack and relocate your office fast and efficiently. But your mover won’t be able to keep your employees motivated during relocation, that is a task for you! If you want to keep your employees motivated during relocation, you should consider these steps:

  • Your Employees Should Be Empowered
  • Communication is the Key
  • Get Everyone Engaged
  • Share Plans And Details
  • Offer Help

First Things First – Hire A Professional Moving Company

Relocating your office is almost the same as relocating a household. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional moving company to assist you with your move. You should contact your Wolley Moving professionals and schedule an appointment. Every professional moving company has polite and helpful customer services workers. They will answer all questions about the relocation thoroughly and explain every detail slowly. They can also help you to calculate your moving costs in advance. Every professional mover has plenty of moving services. Some of those services are:

  • Residential Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Packing Services
  • Packing Supplies
  • Special Services (such as piano moving, etc.)
A worker in front of the house
A professional moving company will pack and relocate your office fast and efficiently.

Your Employees Should Be Empowered

All of your employees, most likely, know their working space better than you do. Therefore, you should gather and ask your employees for some decorations and design ideas! If you want to make this process fun, you should announce some prizes and rewards for the best design ideas! By announcing prizes and rewards you will definitely motivate your employees and make them feel competitive.

Keep Your Employees Motivated During Relocation – Communicate Communicate Communicate!

As soon as you can, organize a meeting for all your employees and let them know about the relocation. Keep your employees informed and up to date all the time. If you want to reduce your employees moving stress, help them to cope with the move. You should also provide guides for office relocation and share with them. For example, tips for packing an office desk is very useful! Call a meeting from time to time to keep your employees informed! You can also send an email to each one of them if there are some changes and details about the move.

Business meeting
Arrange meetings and keep your employees informed.

Get Everyone Engaged

Keep your employees informed but also, get them involved in the moving preparation, organization, and plans! If you ask for their opinion and involve them in making decisions, they will feel like a part of the family. Each of your employees should pack their own office and desk. You should also be there to help and keep your employees motivated during relocation. If you have no time to pack on your own, hire a professional mover and get their packing services. Professionals will pack carefully and take care of your office supplies. Your business will be up and running in no time!

Share Plans and Details

You should provide your employees with as many details as possible. Would be great if you give them an opportunity to visit their new office space. Creating an information guide would be also a great idea. They will be able to learn more about the new area. The guide should look like this:

  • Information on Best Neighborhoods for Singles
  • The Best Family-Friendly Neighborhoods
  • Commuting and Transit Information
  • Parking Services
  • Day Care Services
  • Local Services Information (such as restaurants, gym, grocery stores, post offices, dry cleaning, etc.)

Keep Your Employees Motivated During Relocation – Offer Your Help

In case you are moving your office to another city and some of your employees are moving too, you should help them with the relocation. People are often moving because their job requires it. As an owner and manager, you should help your employees settle down.

Go easy on your workers and give them some time to adapt. Every relocation process is stressful and gives us a lot of headaches. Therefore, if you want to be a good person and manager, you should:

  • Pay for the moving services instead of your employees.
  • Help your employees to find a new place to live. If they are selling their old house, you can help them if you have some connections.
  • Providing support services for your employees and their families is a good idea.
  • In case your employee is selling their old house, give them some time off from work.
  • Let your employees work from their new home. This will help them adapt, unpack, find a school for their children, organize and arrange their life properly without unnecessary stress.
  • If you are moving your office to the big city where costs of living are higher, you should give a bonus and raise the salary for each of your employees permanently.
Offer your help and assistance. Help Your employees to settle down.

Are you still wondering how to keep your employees motivated during relocation? It’s easy! Keep them informed all the time, let them be involved in the relocation process, pay for their moving expenses and help them settle down properly. Best of luck with your office relocation! Hopefully, you will have your office up and running in no time!


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