How to add value to your home

How To - July 2, 2019

Every moving process brings us headaches and moving stress. On average, an American person moves 11 times in their lives. In order to go through the moving process without any problems, you will have to prepare in advance. Sort out your budget, make plans and checklists and organize! If you are relocating to Wicker Park, you should hire a professional moving company to transport your belongings fast and safely. However, if you are selling your previous place, you should know how to add value to your home! Therefore, today we will let you know what you should do in order to add value to your home and get more money! So, let’s begin!

Add Value To Your Home – Tips and Tricks

If you are selling your previous home and at the same time relocating and taking care of utilities, movers and your kids while trying to maintain your daily routine, you are definitely under a lot of stress. However, if you decide to hire a professional moving company, they will reduce your stress significantly. If you get full moving services, your mover will provide moving boxes Chicago and everything else that’s necessary for the moving process. Your mover will help you pack, carry and relocate your belongings from point A to point B as fast as possible.

Let’s see now what are the most important things to know and do in order to add value to your home!

  • Add a Bathroom
  • Remodel the Kitchen
  • Finish the Basement
  • Fix Home Interior and Exterior
  • Replace Old, Damaged Windows
  • Make a Room out of the Attic
  • Add a Garage
Lovely house.
One more bathroom is a great idea. You can also renovate the old one in order to increase the value of your home.

Add a Bathroom

People always fall for homes with two or more bathrooms. If you have just one, you should consider making a new one in order to increase your home value. However, adding a new bathroom can cost a lot. If your budget is tight, you should consider adding half a bath, which still counts as a bathroom! If there is no chance for a new bathroom, you should refresh and renovate the old one. Neat and clean bathrooms always attract buyers!

Add Value to Your Home By Remodeling the Kitchen

Kitchen is also high on the list if you are planning to add value to your home. Replace some old shelves and counters. Repaint the walls and clean the kitchen thoroughly. Buyers love when they see the fresh and neat kitchen. But be careful! Don’t spend a fortune on your kitchen renovation because you are not preparing it for the cooking tv show! In addition, here are some tips on how to pack your kitchen like a pro!

Finish a Basement

Basements are usually places that we are not visiting often. A dusty and empty room can easily become a lovely gym or playroom for your kids. If you renovate your basement that will definitely add value to your home and leave buyers speechless!

Bedroom in basement.
Make a lovely bedroom in your empty and forgotten basement!

Fix Exterior and Interior

There are a lot of vinyl sidings on the market that remarkably resembles real wood. Therefore, instead of boring sidings that make your house look like a tin can, you should invest a little money and change the sidings to make it look wonderful. You can also cut the grass in your lawn and plant some nice flowers in the garden. Painting walls on the inside is a must if you are trying to add value to your home. White color is always a good idea because it will make your home look bright and fresh!

Replace Old, Damaged Windows

It’s not only about the look! Replacing windows with brand new ones will remarkably increase the value of your home. Old windows can leak heat and cold inside. New buyers will love your home if your windows are new. And since you are changing windows, try to buy nice, wooden ones to look alike and be a pair for your furniture! That shows the style!

Make A Room out of the Attic

Same as basement, attics are forgotten places that gather nothing else but dust! If your attic has a lot of space, declutter and make an extra bedroom. Every buyer with children will love this idea. However, every bedroom has to be insulated which also makes your home more energy efficient! But, attic doesn’t have to be a bedroom. You can also make an office space there or playroom for your kids. The gym is not a bad idea either! Think about it! Whatever you do, it will add value to your home!

Make A Garage to Add Value to Your Home

If your home has no garage, think of adding one. A garage will add value to your house because most of the families already possess at least one car (or more). Even if a buyer doesn’t have a car, the garage will be a good place for tools and mower. If most of the houses in your neighborhood have a garage, logically, adding a garage is a smart move.

Add value to your home! Make a garage.
Adding a garage will increase your home value significantly.

Professional Mover

Think fast and hire a professional mover as soon as you can! It would be good to contact  Wolley Movers at least a few weeks before the move and schedule the date, although it is not required. A professional moving company will pack and relocate all of your belongings fast and safely. They have a license,  polite customer service workers and well-trained packers. Their prestigious reputation and thousands of satisfied customers show you how good and experienced they are!

A professional moving company has plenty of moving services. Some of those services are:

These are the most useful tips on how to add value to your home! Even small repairs can raise the price of your lovely home! So, what are you waiting for? Get to work! We also wish you the best of luck and a wonderful future!

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