How to help your children cope with moving anxiety

How To - December 29, 2018

It is very important to help your children cope with moving anxiety. However, many parents skip that step, expecting that the child with deal with the challenge on its own. However, the truth is that many children actually cope with moving on their own. This is the common case with the older children. On the other hand, small children and teenagers are faced with this problem seriously. Small children love routine and parts of their life that are familiar and well-known to them. They could feel this step as losing the home, family or parents. Teenagers are sorry for old friends and position that they already established in old school.

Help your children cope with moving anxiety by having fun
The moving process is hard for teenagers the most.

Whatever the reason for moving is, make sure that you know to help your children cope with moving anxiety. If you do not do that, you can make serious damage to their lives. Prolonged anxiety leads to:

  • Depression – when a child cannot cope with fears that they will lose everything like the home;
  • Fear – they are afraid of losing the current position in society and school;
  • Chronical stress – if you do not help your children cope with moving anxiety it will be stressed for a long time, which effect on their behavior and health;
  • Introvert and extrovert – primary characteristic of their personality increases during prolonged stress.

Help your children cope with moving anxiety while you are still preparing for moving

You already know that moving process starts long before moving itself. It means that you should prepare yourself and your family for that process. On the other hand, take some time to help your children cope with moving anxiety.

Discuss the problem with kids

Many parents avoid this step, feeling it not much necessarily. Many of them are afraid of children’s reaction and rejecting of moving. It is very important to talk with them about anxiety they feel. They will be very honest with the feeling. Explain to them why moving is needed at this moment. Share your feelings, too. You are under stress, so help each other in this process.

Give information

After you said everything about the moving, provide the right information to your children. Tell them everything you know about the new location, house, and job you will work. It will give an important feeling of safeness.

Organize good-bye party

Children will be sorry mostly because of separation from old friends. On the other hand, a party will close that chapter of their life properly. Help your children cope with moving anxiety with the party. It should gather all their friends and neighbors.

Two girls on their phones, searching for affordable movers Chicago
Include your children in moving process

Moving day

This is actually the hardest part of moving. It will be hard to help your children cope with moving anxiety when you are sad, too. Share your experience with them. Make sure that they know that you do not regret this step, thus.

Involve kids in this step

Children love to help, especially the smallest ones. It will help them to remember important parts of their moving steps. On the other hand, it will help them to think less on a process that is happening right now. Leave heavy equipment to local movers Chicago. Children can pack and label items and boxes.

When we talk about the labeling…

We are sure that you will take the best packing services Chicago to help you with packing. However, do not cut out children from that step. As the matter of fact, you can give them to label their boxes on their own. Drawing or writing support notes will help your children cope with moving anxiety. Make sure that they know their parts in that process, too.

Allow them to organize packing and keeping everything

You do not want to remove known and loved items on moving day. Even your stuff will be with you after moving. For children is very important to be surrounded by familiar things. It will be very important when they lose the home.

How to help small children cope with moving anxiety

Moving with seniors is easy – things are worst with the small children. In situations when losing familiar things they feel insecure. That is why is very important to help your children cope with moving anxiety when they are small.

Talk with them and imagine a new home

You should not talk fairytales. Make sure that they understand the situation and talk seriously with them like they are grown up person. However, imagine the new home, neighbor or children’s park. They would love to fantasy about the new place. Especially if you describe it as a friendly place for the whole family.

A family with the small child
It is important to help small children to avoid moving stress

Read books about it

You may be surprised, but there are a lot of books for small children about moving. Ask your librarian which could help your children cope with moving anxiety. Read together and explain things they do not understand.

Pack their items when sleeping

Do never pack children’s stuff when they look at you! They do not understand that they will be with you after moving again. Explain to them that you do not throw away their toys. The best way is to pack toys when they are sleeping.

After moving

Now when you are at a new home, you have not finished the moving process. Help your children cope with moving anxiety after moving, too. It is very important to make that first period of time as comfort as it is possible.

Get know the new location

First thing after moving should be a long walk with the children. Even though you have moved with professional movers Chicago, to a place that is close to your old one. You children will be thankful for exploring the new place in this way. It will make you closer, too.

Being closer to children is always a good idea

For children, it is very important to keep a family together. The moving process actually separates you from other parts of the family. Luckily, it lasts very short. Make sure that child understand it and make your family together again. Go to the long walk or a picnic.

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