How to find affordable movers in Chicago?

How To - November 13, 2018

Moving is probably one of the most stressful and challenging tasks you will ever have to deal with. According to some studies, it ranks in the top 5 most stressful events in an average person’s life. It is a very complex process that has to be done carefully and studiously. A lot of things can go wrong, and almost certainly at least some of them will. However, if you prepare yourself in the right way, you will be able to prevent most of the potential problems, it not all. One of the most important elements in planning your move is finding a good movers company. There are many moving companies Chicago and finding the perfect one takes time since not all of the affordable movers Chicago has to offer are equally good. Take your time and do your research, since you definitely don’t want to rush this decision.

Check everything before signing a contract with affordable movers in Chicago
You have to carefully plan your move, which also means picking reliable movers.

Staying within your moving budget

Dealing with your budget is crucial of course. Moving costs money, whether you are moving across the street, or across the state. This means that you will want to save money while moving wherever you possibly can. You don’t want to be a cheapskate when it comes to choosing a moving company. Choosing among all of those affordable movers Chicago offers is no easy task, and this decision may prove to be the “make or break” decision of your move.

It is important to be aware of the fact that finding affordable movers is not just a matter of how much will you have to pay for their services. What also matters is the quality of the service they are going to provide. If they are a dependable company that you know you can count on, then they are worth paying an extra couple of hundreds of dollars more.

Taking initiative

Two girls on their phones, searching for affordable movers Chicago
Have a friend help you find affordable movers in Chicago

Reacting first is usually the best strategy in life, and it is the same when it comes to moving. Start planning your move the second you decide that the move is happening. This means that you have to start making the inventory of all of your things right away. This means that you have to start planning the packing right away, and starting packing as soon as you finish the first two steps. Acting as soon as possible is a must when it comes to looking for, choosing and sealing the deal with a particular moving company, too.

When you choose one of those affordable movers Chicago offers, you will have to make the necessary arrangements quickly because, in such a densely populated area, there are a lot of moves happening all the time, and you don’t want to be left hanging because of the “I’ll call them tomorrow” attitude.

This, of course, goes without saying but time is precious, and that is even more so the case when planning a move. Time is money, so you will be saving yourself money by taking initiative. Thus, by making the necessary arrangements quickly, you can earn some extra time for yourself. And trust us, you are going to need all the extra time you can get. Once you manage to do this, you will be more flexible with your time, and things will go smoother.

Asking for recommendations

One of the first things that you ought to do when you decide that you are moving to a new home is talking to your friends, colleagues and, of course, family members about it.

  • First of all, you are going to need their support and help for all sorts of things.
  • Second, they will probably have a lot of tips and advice on how to pack, move etc.

Chances are that some of them moved before, or are at least very close with someone who did. This means that they may provide some very unique and perhaps even crucial insights into moving. Furthermore, concretely they may have dealt with a really good moving company so they can recommend them to you. If they dealt with a particularly bad moving company can also be very helpful, since they can tell you which companies to skip.

Check the reviews of affordable movers in Chicago

What if your friends, colleagues and family members fall short in providing you with a quality moving company? Then the Internet will have to be your best friend (if it isn’t already). Find the customer reviews and read what their experiences were with their respective chosen companies. Leaving a moving review usually involves filling a detailed performance survey. Thus, you should be able to find a good match for yourself based on comparing your expectations and the reviews. This way you can also avoid the dishonest and, simply, bad moving companies easily.

A man browsing the web while having coffee
The Internet is your friend – check the customer reviews online.

For instance, you will be able to identify those companies that offer low prices, until your items are in their possession when they increase the price. Yes, this actually happens sometimes, which is why you really have to be careful. Just never forget that you also want able professionals and not just cheap ones.

The final comparisons

The moment of truth finally draws near. Once you have finished checking and double-checking all of your friends’ recommendations and scouring the internet’s customer reviews, the time has come to pick the lucky winner. The most important factor here is, of course, the price. What you should do is to ask for detailed estimates of your move from all of the companies. Once you get these, you can compare them. Still, don’t make the final decision based solely on that.

Other factors are also important. If the difference in money is negligible, your priority should be the company with better reviews. Also, check their respective insurances policies and how their customer support works. After you take all of these things into consideration, then you can make a valid decision and pick the most affordable movers Chicago offers.

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