How to celebrate Christmas in Chicago

How To - December 17, 2018

It’s the most magical time of the year. Everybody’s shopping for gifts and waiting for the big day. The city of Chicago is really a fantastic place to be in during the holidays. The streets are busy, everything is decorated, lights are everywhere, there are many cozy cafes – the only thing left to do is to enjoy. But how? If these are the first days after your moving to Chicago, you are probably wondering what are the ways to spend the holidays here. Well, we have some suggestions for you on how to celebrate Christmas in Chicago.

presents to celebrate Christmas in Chicago
Find out about some popular ways to celebrate Christmas in Chicago.

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Let’s start with the basics – Tree Lightning Ceremony

Seeing a huge Christmas tree light up – the perfect way to start the holiday season. Official Tree Lightning Ceremony in Chicago is the start of all the other holiday activities and festivals. The tree is a 60-foot Norway Spruce, and it is 48 years old. Enjoying the sparkling lights with so many people is really something you shouldn’t miss.

Christkindlmarket – enjoy the European style Christmas

Open-air markets are characteristics of some European countries but its spirit is now in Chicago. This giant open-air market presents many booths where you can buy all sorts of Christmasy items. Food (sausages), drinks (especially beer!), Christmas ornaments and much more. You can celebrate Christmas in Chicago outside!

Ice Skating

Chicago skyline is something beautiful. Especially if you look at it from the ice rink in Millenium Park. We suggest coming here in the evening, so you can enjoy the lights. However, it is the busiest time, too. To skate here is free, but you’ll need a pair of skates, or you can rent them at the place.

ice skating friends
Ice skating is the perfect way to have fun and celebrate Christmas in Chicago

Visit the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

One of the favorite festivals among the people of Chicago – Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. It is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in Chicago – visiting Santa, watching fireworks and listening to holiday music.

Go see a show

Christmas shows in the theatres in Chicago are really something you shouldn’t miss around the holidays. Usually, these are classics like A Christmas Carol (the Goodman Theatre), the Nutcracker (ballet show at Auditorium Theatre) and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (Broadway Playhouse). Apart from these classics, there are many more to see, so pick a time to enjoy the perfect Christmas show and set the holiday mood just right.

theater chicago
Theatres give you the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in Chicago in a unique way

Go shopping

Last days before Christmas are usually the days when everybody finishes their gift shopping. It is the busiest time, it’s true, but it gives some magic to the activity. Shops you can visit are in the Magnificent Mile and Oak street. Small shops are the perfect place to find a unique Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Carols are the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in Chicago

If you are one of those people who must sing along when they hear a Christmas song – this one is perfect for you. In Chicago, there are many caroling events. You can join them and go singing outside. You just need to be prepared, the city can be very cold during the holiday season. So be sure to wear warm shoes, gloves, and a scarf.

Enjoy the city’s lights

Having fun during holidays can be free as well. Also, if you don’t want to be a part of a celebration with so many people, you can also enjoy by yourself or with your family. Chicago streets like Michigan Avenue are beautifully decorated for Christmas. You can take a stroll and enjoy the lights, and take many photos as a memory.

woman taking picture of christmas lights
Christmas lights are truly something special

Zoolights are fun, too

Even though animals are inside because of the cold, Lincoln Park Zoo is really something to see during Christmas. It is beautifully decorated with many lights, and there are some ice sculptures, too. Hot drinks and carolers are making the place even more interesting, so be sure to visit it. They even organize Zoo Year’s Eve!

Moving to Chicago?

Moving is always an overwhelming task to do. However, during the holidays, it becomes even harder, because of all the gits, decorations, and busy streets.  Here are some tips on how to move easily during the holidays.

  • pick the best day for moving during the holidays – since this is the busiest time, pick your moving date wisely, to avoid the hassle and high prices that come up during holidays.
  • hire professionals – if you hire professional movers and take moving services Chicago, you will avoid all the moving stress and save energy and time to spend on enjoying Christmas.
  • pack your holiday decorations wisely – during holidays, everything is about the beautiful decoration. That’s why you should learn how to pack Christmas decor and save yourself a lot of time when unpacking and decorating your new Chicago home.
  • protect your electronicsmoving during the winter season can be dangerous for all your electronics because of the cold temperatures. Protect them carefully so you don’t lose some of your favorite gadgets, and you don’t need to buy new ones just in the middle of the holiday season.
  • plan everything ahead – since you will be busy during the holidays, be sure to plan everything ahead. Do the packing, label, organize, prepare the gifts – do everything you can so your holiday season isn’t busy and stressful.
  • Maintain the holiday spirit – even though moving can be stressful, don’t let it ruin your holiday season. Be sure to stay positive and enjoy the move as much as you can. Christmas is the time when you should be with your family, and not worry about some small things like boxes and bubble wrap. Put up your Christmas tree before anything else in your new home and enjoy the holiday! Cheers!

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