What to Look for in a Family-Friendly Home

Housing - January 29, 2019

When it comes to moving you have to get a lot of things done before the actual move. You are searching for a new home, maybe even a new job and similar. And, when you have kids or you plan them in the near future you need to take into consideration a few more things. When you are searching for a home, you need to search for a family-friendly home. Your new home needs to have certain standards so you can actually move there. It takes a lot of time to do the research and get all the facts, but at the end of the day, you will be happy. You are moving so you can have a better life for you and for your kids. We have gathered a list of some things that you need to search for in a family-friendly home!

What is the first thing to look for in a family-friendly home?

Well, since you are looking for a certain type of a house, or maybe even a city where you will be living the first thing that you need to do is to include your kids into the house hunting. After all, you are moving so you can get a better life for your kids. You should start your search online, and include your kids into it. You can visit Google Maps, show them the house. But, when you go for the first time to see the house – don’t take your kids with you. Take them to see only the houses that are actually the ones that are on the short list.

A mother and a son in a family-friendly home.
Include your kid into the search.

When you bring your kids along when you are looking for a home and selecting it, it will help you on many levels. Not only that you will help them cope with moving anxiety, but you will also get a unique insight into the home. You are making a decision at the end, but your kids will help you with a unique view. They might even see some things that you missed. So, yes, including your kids into the search for a family-friendly home is a first thing to do.

Do proper research of the school quality

So, normally this is one of the most important things to research when you are trying to find a good neighborhood and a home for your kid. If you decided to send your kid to a public school, naturally you should consider buying a home in a high-ranking school district. An online search for the great schools is the first place to look for a good school for your kids.

Tip for finding a home quickly

When you are doing your research you should stay focused on areas that have high-quality public schools. Homes that are near good schools tend to sell faster. While you are looking for homes and visiting them you can ask around about schools. That can also give you a new perspective. But, apart of this, keep in mind that houses in these areas can have a bigger price. So when you are creating your moving budget, take that into consideration as well. You will save money by hiring a residential moving company Chicago. They will help you move faster and cheaper, especially if you are moving while your kids are going to school.

A drawing of a boy and a girl going to school.
Your kids should also be happy in their new school.

How big of a house do you need?

This is a really important question that you need to think about. Did you marry recently? Do you already have kids? Do you plan to have more kids? Those are all the questions that you need to answer before you decide how big house do you want and need. If you plan to have more kids, a natural choice is to buy a bigger house so you can have enough space for everything. You may need a lot of space for kids toys. Also, if you buy a bigger home you can even have a designated playroom where your kids can have fun, be loud without disrupting everything. So, make sure that you have enough space and your kids can have fun and a relaxed childhood. 

Pay attention to the floor plan

This is a key thing that a lot of people disregard. You should really think about your family’s lifestyle and the floor plan should match it. For example, if you want to sleep near your infant – make sure that rooms are close and that they are on the same floor. Also, consider the kitchen and dining room. Does your family have a big family lunch or breakfast? Does your dining room need to accommodate everyone? Those are just some key things to pay attention to when looking for a family-friendly house.

A floor plan.
The floor plan should reflect your needs.

Take into consideration your furniture, your things – will they be enough for your new place? You can always hire Wolley Movers Chicago to help you with any kind of move, but all the decisions are up to you! You need to consider all the details before hiring movers and the actual move!

Location is the key

Although you might think that since you are looking for a family-friendly home location doesn’t matter – it is not true. You need to consider the proximity to the school and the type of the street the house is in. But besides that, you should consider the type of the community where the house is. You just really need to think about your family lifestyle and make a decision. There is no right or wrong here, it is just your personal choice. There are a lot of tips on how to buy a new house in a new city but the decision is solely up to you!

Pay attention to safety!

When we say safety we mean that you really need to pay attention that the whole property is safe and that you can easily child-proof your home! For example – the stairs. If you have toddlers and you need to keep them away from the stairs – can you easily place the safety gate? So, pay attention to where the house is, but also pay attention to what is inside the house! After all, you are trying to find your perfect family-friendly home!

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