Guide to Buying a Manufactured Home

Housing - July 22, 2019

Investing money in a property is always an excellent idea, as it can be advantageous in many ways. Before you immerse yourself in such a big decision making, it is crucial to be well informed. There are many things you should have in consideration before you purchase a home and move into it. Especially if you are thinking about buying a manufactured home. In this article, we will give you some tips and direction that might help you in choosing your new home.

What are manufactured homes?

The history of the manufactured housing dates from 1974, but it grew popular during World War II. From the 1970s, those types of homes became a more common living solution. In this period, they were called ‘mobile homes’ or ‘trailers’, which is an inaccurate term for manufactured homes, nowadays. In 1976, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development established the code for these types of homes. The code improves the construction, design, durability, and safety of manufactured homes. That made them a more attractive alternative, to the built on-site home, and more convenient and safer option than before. That is why each house needs to meet tough standards such as:

  • Homes built, in one or more sections, in a factory and transported to the home site for installation.
  • Each home is built using steel beams with wheels under each section.
  • It is necessary to meet the code for quality, strength, durability, fire resistance, transportability, and energy efficiency.
  • Standards for heating, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing must be matched.
House with a pool
Manufactured homes are almost undistinguished from on-site homes

Today, manufactured homes are almost indistinguishable from on-site homes. With all the improvements, they become more popular as family-friendly homes. They are high-quality yet affordable housing option.

Relocation comes along with buying a home

While you are into buying a manufactured home, you should also start thinking about the relocation from your old one. You can quickly relocate your possessions with a trustworthy moving company. Our local movers Chicago can take care of the entire moving process. With extensive experience and professionalism on our behalf, you will not have to worry about anything. Relocation might be a complicated process due to many tasks that should be done. We recommend you set your moving date on time, as soon as you sign a purchasing contract for your new home.

Relocation comes with buying a new home
Prepare yourself for a relocation

Things you should take into consideration when buying a manufactured home

It is easier more than ever to buy a manufactured home. While selecting the right home for you and your family, some things should always be on your mind. We are giving you a simple guide for finding the perfect home.

New or old manufactured home?

First thing you should decide is whether you are buying a new or old manufactured home. Probably the greatest benefit of buying a new home is that you will have a full range of customization options. That means that you can choose the exact size and layout of the home. Besides that, you will be able to have all the features you need, from custom cabinets, walk-in closets, fireplaces, etc. You can, as well, make your own decisions about the exterior of the home, choose a color, side doors, steps, decks and other.

Even though you can design and customize a brand-new home by your preferences, it is probably a viable way to get an old manufactured home. The price of it will be more affordable, which is the most important advantage of reused homes. Nevertheless, you should be careful and inspect it before purchasing. That means that you should review the state of the floor and make sure there is no warping. Ensure that there has been no settling, which can leave the home unleveled. Inspect the doors and windows, look if there are any gaps, insulation, or cracks. The age of the home is important as the latest ones has groundbreaking improvements. On the other hand, the maintenance and the care of a home can reveal much more about the home condition, than its age.

Size and the features of the home

These types of home come in different sizes, features, and floor plans. They include living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, fully equipped kitchens, and utility areas. You have a few options, depending on the total area of your home site. Choose between single- section or larger multi-section design. Home sizes vary from 900 to 2,500 square feet and can be customized if you are buying a new one. Before you choose the best option for you, think about your current living place and possessions that you have. In case you have a lot of items for relocation, you should declutter your home first. That way you will decrease the cost of relocation and will be able to fit everything in a hew home.

Kitchen with all the equipment
Choose the features of your home

When it comes to the features, you have plenty of options available, you can design your interior as you wish. Most of the factories use computer-assisted planning, so you will have control when selecting variations of floor plans and décor. Depending on your budget and style, you can choose an exterior design as well, that comes in a wide array of materials such as vinyl, metal, wood, etc.

Costs of buying a manufactured home

Buying a manufactured home can be a big investment. The prices of a new home vary between $15,000 to over $100,000. Fortunately, nowadays there is financing for manufactured homes. They include down payments and loan terms, similar to those for site-built homes. We need to mention other costs which are land costs, insurance, the costs of transporting your home. Before you decide to buy, think about property tax and other bills connected with homeownership. Those are utilities, sewer, water and of course, routine maintenance.

Calculator with paper on the table
Calculate the costs of buying a manufactured home

Think about the land

Once you decide which home will you buy, it is time to think about the installation of it. First of all, you need to have a land where you can install it. In most cases, the lands for these types of homes are out of the city, so you might be in need to get used to life in the suburbs. It is important to check with local zoning laws if they permit the manufactured home on the desired site. The other option is to place your home in manufactured home communities. Living in home parks can be very interesting, as it can provide fantastic amenities and a vibrant community. One of the most common issues occurs during the installation of the home, so make sure to choose the right company for it.

We mentioned the most important things you should know before buying a manufactured home. It is up to your preferences to choose the one that can suit your needs the best. When you make the final decision, the relocation part is waiting for you. Wolley Movers are always willing to help by providing the best moving services Chicago and making your relocation a pleasant experience. We wish you the best of luck in buying your home.


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