Moving around Chicago? Pilsen is one of those neighborhoods that offers you such a diversity of culture, homes and young people. This area of Chicago is a place where a lot of young people come to enjoy many vintage shops, various cafes and other places of culture. So, it may be a great choice for you. But, you will need movers Pilsen Chicago IL to help you move everything safely. Moving is a very stressful process, so professional help is necessary for life events like these. Trustworthy and experienced Wolley Movers will make your move a smooth transition to your new home in Pilsen.

About Pilsen

This lovely neighborhood of Chicago is located just a few minutes from the city center by train. In the past, its residents were Irish and German immigrant, who came here for work. With its rich history, this neighborhood offers a lot of interesting artistic places, galleries, with many murals on the buildings’ walls. If you like art and cultural diversity, this is a truly interesting place for you.

Pilsen was inhabited by Czech immigrants who named the district after Plzen, the fourth largest city in what is now the Czech Republic. Although it was Irish as well as German railroad workers who came to this area all through the mid-nineteenth century.

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Our movers Pilsen Chicago IL are always prepared for relocation.

At the moment, the area is principally a Mexican-American neighborhood and they are the dominant cultural group. Also, a number of the best movers Pilsen Chicago IL also live here. The tranquil greenery welcomes all who enter the neighborhood. It’s almost as if most people sight softly when entering the area. People seem to shy from the citified resonance of the city of Chicago when they leave their homes to eat out. That’s why Trattoria Pasta D’Arte is a wonderful Italian eatery that is often found to be rather full of Pilsen residents.

There’s also our reputable and trusted relocation company. So, you’ll be able to spot us frequently on the streets having completed yet another move. Wolley Movers are the most frequently used relocations services in the town!

Moving to Pilsen?

Whether you are moving locally or from another city, the relocation process is sometimes overwhelming. It requires a lot of planning, organization, and dedication. That’s why hiring reliable movers Pilsen Chicago IL is the best advice we can give you. We at Wolley Movers are the best in business when it comes to local movers Chicago. Our well-trained employees will handle your belongings with precision and care so you don’t have to worry about them even a bit.

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Our movers Pilsen Chicago IL will deal with your move professionally

Moving locally

Why we are the best for the local move? Our knowledge of Chicago streets is perfect. That helps us minimize the time of the relocation and make each move quick and easy. We understand that every move is different, so we adjust to each moving business separately, and deal with its challenges professionally.

If you are moving locally for the first time, we assume you have some worries. That’s why our professional and friendly staff will give you all the answers you need about :

  • the services we offer
  • the time we need to transfer your belongings
  • any packing/unpacking questions you might have.

We are proud of our experience of 25 years in the business, and offer you the premium quality local moves.

Tips when moving to Pilsen

During years of experience, our movers Pilsen Chicago IL have gathered a couple of advice pieces to make your move easier.

Start your moving preparations in advance

Even though it is ‘just’ moving locally, and not traveling a long distance, it is still a serious job to do. That’s why early preparations are necessary. We advise you create a moving timeline and make a list of things you need to do before the move. Once you do something from the list, check it. It will be easier for you to track the moving progress and stay organized.


Moving is the perfect chance for you to downsize the number of boxes you are moving. Over the years, things accumulate in our homes. And often there are many items we no longer need, but still exist somewhere in our house. That’s why moving is the perfect chance for you to go through your items, organize and declutter. This way you will pack less, move less, and pay less.

Keep your kids and pets safe

Moving process is very stressful both for kids and pets. They could be very nervous on that day, so it would be best to keep them away from the hassle. Make sure that they have a place to stay and somebody to look after them while your things are being relocated. This way you avoid any possible accidents and possible slow down of the moving process.

dog in a moving box
When moving, it is important to keep your pets and kids safe and away from the moving hassle

Transfer your utilities

This is something you need to do by yourself, as soon as you move. Make a list of the utilities, see if there is something to change, and contact the utility companies to inform them about your new address.

Hire professional help

Whether it is a residential or commercial move, movers Pilsen Chicago IL are professionals who know how to deal with it best. Of course, it is possible to do it by yourself, but you risk having a lot of stress and committing damage to your valuable items. When you hire professionals like Wolley Movers :

  • you get a free moving quote to get the idea of your moving costs, and then our team comes to your home for an in-home precise estimate.
  • you can take our packing services. Packing for the move needs to be done carefully and skillfully, by professionals. This way your items will be absolutely safe during the transport.
  • we provide packing supplies, too. If you are not sure where to get the top-quality packing supplies that will keep your belongings safe, we are here for you.
  • your piano will be moved with ease – big and valuable items like this are sometimes difficult to move. However, our piano moving services Chicago will make it an easy job. You can be sure that your instrument will be transported safely to any location.
  • moving antiques – valuable antique pieces need special care during transport. That’s why our antiques movers Chicago are there to transport your items with professional care to any location of your choice.
movers Pilsen Chicago IL moving antiques
Our movers Pilsen Chicago IL will move any kind of your items, even pianos and antiques

Stay positive

Even though it is a stressful event, you need to stay positive. Positive thinking will help you organize better and more things. However, with all of the things you can’t do, our movers Pilsen Chicago IL are there for you. Trust them so they can use their experience and training and relocate your home quickly and safely. This way you will not be tired and stressed out and you can enjoy your new home as soon as you arrive!

In need of a local movers Pilsen Chicago IL?

This area is where people came to escape the bustling atmosphere of the Chicago city and was renowned as a resort locale. From a resort locale, it has switched to become much more of a community-oriented neighborhood. If you’re planning to experience a quiet and peaceful town, be sure to hire a well-known movers Pilsen Chicago IL services that cater all the moving needs! Be sure to check them out into your place and call them to request a free quote.

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