North Park

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North Park is one of community areas of the City of Chicago. Originally a Swedish community and later a stronghold of Orthodox Jews, it more recently has been adopted by newer American immigrants, from Latinos to Middle Easterners, Koreans and Eastern Europeans. Both Northeastern and Universities make their homes.Being a college neighborhood has made the neighborhood become an area that made excellent use of the surrounding parks and picnic areas.Available food in the area ranges from Korean, Swedish, Asian, Tunisian, and Latin cuisine.

The area has made good use of the 1922 prairie-styled field house and it is now a busy art center as well as a full gymnasium. In 1972 when the area hosted the US Olympic field trials, an Olympic sized swimming pool was added which is still in heavy use today. Many of the Polish residents have established the Polish Army Veterans Association, Polish Jesuit Millennium Center, as well as the Polish American Association. The relocation company, which has moved many of its inhabitants is we-the Wolley Movers. We are active in many of its local programs for the many children in North Park.

This neighborhood is filled after dinner with neighbors using the many front porches to chat with their neighbors, and if they are more actively minded, they are usually found in the namesake park where they may indulge in biking or walking in its attractive 36 acres of football, soccer or baseball fields.

The area is dotted with frame houses, and historic brick bungalows, but now there are also newer town homes, rehabbed flats, and even condominiums to move into. It’s obvious that as the local relocation company,we’re kept very busy in helping and relocating family belongings and items.

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