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Chicago - October 23, 2018

Chicago, also widely popular as the Windy City, is one of the most beautiful cities in the US. Not only that, but it is also one of the largest. However, as its nickname implies – Chicago sits in a very wind-exposed geographic position on the shore of Lake Michigan. Moreover, Chicago has a very desirable climate for people not liking extreme weather. For instance, the average summer temperatures peak at around 28 degrees C in the July-August period. Additionally, the number of precipitation days max out at approximately 9 days in April, averaging at slightly less during the other months. If you are interested in moving to Chicago at some point, feel free to read on for some tips on what to expect.

The city square in Chicago with the Giant Bean monument
Chicago – a great option to relocate to!

What To Know When Moving to Chicago – The Basics

Although Springfield is the capital of the state of Illinois, Chicago is the largest city in this Prairie State. What’s more, it is the third largest city in the US, just after NY and LA. As a city in a non-coastal state, Chicago is definitely a city to consider when choosing a location to move to. With its great Midwestern culture and amazing architecture that stands out, this beautiful city is definitely worth mentioning. Not only that, but the accommodation costs are somewhat lower than in other major US cities.

This makes it an excellent choice for newcomers from around the world – with cultures ultimately intertwined. If you are moving across the ocean, there are always some tips to pay attention to. Following these – you simply can’t be wrong!

Packing – The How-To

As always, after you find yourself the appropriate housing, it is time to pack. Afterward, moving to Chicago shouldn’t be a hassle. Be it something in the ‘affordable’ category or not, the steps are pretty much the same. Firstly, make sure you rid yourself of unnecessary items that are barely even used or are obsolete. For instance, a lot of tech or fashion magazines might be more than good for throwing into your trash can. You can gift any clothes that you haven’t used in months or years but still keep in your closet. That way, a lot of budgets can be saved from moving items that you aren’t going to use anyway.

Stacked cardboard boxes
Pack your items separately and label them appropriately.

Grab some cardboard boxes and label them appropriately to make sure which ones contain the fragile items, and which ones do not. Unreliable moving companies may damage your property by mishandling boxes which contain valuables. Therefore…

Choose the Right Moving and Insurance Companies

Yup. You’ve heard that right. Choosing the moving and insurance companies might not be easy as it sounds – but it isn’t that hard either. What matters is that you find an appropriate company that is trustworthy in terms of its services. A reputable moving company will properly handle your items, with special care. A good insurance company will provide the best services there are in terms of damage insurance. No one wants their possessions damaged in the most critical moment, right?

Therefore, make sure you research the moving and insurance services market online operating in the Chicago region. Afterward, you can always find some nice moving materials for yourself to pack your items. As per the previous section – properly packing can be a lifesaver, so you really need to know how to avoid some common packing mistakes.

Arriving at Chicago – What to Do Next?

You hired a moving company Chicago to relocate your furniture and other items. An insurance company is taking care of unwanted scenarios. What is next?

Meat and vegetable on a plate
There are many restaurants and other points of interest to see in Chicago

Of course, once you move – first things first. Unpacking matters as much as packing does. Make sure that all the boxes are handled with care, and that you put aside boxes that you need immediately. For example, if you’re relocating with children – their school supplies like pencils, notebooks etc. should be among the first boxes to be unpacked. Additionally, if you labeled your boxes properly, you shouldn’t have any trouble categorizing and unpacking them in their respective rooms. All the bedroom items like sheets, clothes, perhaps some lamps and mattresses are going directly to your new bedroom. Moving to Chicago has never been easier!

Exploring Chicago

Once you sort everything out and your items are unpacked – you are good to go! Chicago is a wonderful city, with a great number of green areas like parks or some secluded walking trails. Majority of places you can visit are located downtown. Downtown Chicago is actually, with a lack of a better word, a “smaller” section of the city on the very coast of Lake Michigan. Namely, this area – slightly more than 4 square kilometers in size – is the epicenter of tourist destinations. Willis Tower, one of the tallest Chicago buildings. Navy Pier organizes occasional fairs, beautiful at night. Cloud Gate is one of the icons of Chicago. On the eastern parts of Chicago – you simply cannot miss anything not worth visiting.

A park in Chicago
There are tons of parks to check out!

Chicago is also famous for organizing many different events for its residents and tourists. Such events may include but are not limited to, concerts, Halloween festivities, food tasting activities, etc.


Transportation in the city can be a bit tricky. If you’re relocating to outskirts, it may take more than an hour’s drive to reach the opposite side of the city. And this is by car. Depending on traffic, if you’re taking, say, a bus, it may take even longer. Rush hours typically occur around 4 to 6 PM, and early in the morning. Therefore, a car is a must if you’re moving to Chicago.

Chicago has many modes of transportation. Commuter rails. Buses. Even taxis. Also famous for its bicycle trails, Chicago is an excellent city if you prefer more than the mode of transportation.


Moving to Chicago is something many people dream of. Full of diverse cultures that constantly mix and shape the city – the Windy City is a city its inhabitants are proud of. Beautiful nature. Available modes of ‘clean and eco-friendly’ modes of transportation. Easy to traverse roads. Not overly expensive housing. People who live there will tell you they simply love it!

There are some things you should pay remember:

  1. Chicago isn’t very expensive
  2. When moving, pack your items and label them
  3. Hire good moving and insurance companies
  4. Make a checklist of places to visit
  5. Go through all the papers you need to sort out after you get there

Once all these points are completed, you’ll be ready to go! Enjoy your stay!

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