How to Get Rid of Moving Boxes after Your Move

Chicago - September 23, 2012

Boxes, boxes, boxes! The fundamental, number-one moving necessity for any move; huge households or tiny one-bedroom moves from family house to first apartment – boxes! For those fortunate enough to possess the space, flattening out each of the moving boxes and keeping them for your next move could save plenty of cash.

For individuals who don’t have the room just to save the boxes, may wonder exactly what is the easy way get rid of them. Well, unless someone gave these to you, they cost you a lot of money; it will be nice to receive some of the investment back. There are numerous options now-a-days to resell or donate moving boxes:

Boxcycle website

It is a website that provides the possibility to sell your used moving boxes by using an organized pre-filled in page of supplies. Just marks the amount of boxes you’ve got of each one plus your contact details. Basic small, medium, large and extra large boxes fetch $1.00 each, but wardrobe boxes with bars go for around $6.00 and specialty boxes for bicycles, mattresses, mirrors, usually go at around $5.00.

U-Haul Community Boards

Here is another excellent strategy to reach people happy to purchase your used boxes. Just enter your area code and phone details on the U-Haul Customer connect board and someone will contact you regarding your moving boxes.

Craig’s List

It is really an outlet to position an available for sale ad with your very own pricing. If your price is right someone will call you to buy your boxes either for cash or for any other product or service in exchange.


Surely you recognize a person that knows somebody who is moving. They will probably be thrilled to get boxes and you may feel great about helping.

Recycling Programs

Ask a nearby library, the city center or perhaps a food bank if they need boxes. Use your imagination along with the listing of local organizations and you might be amazed.


Cardboard box forts are a fun way to help keep children entertained for a long time, if not days. In case you have young ones, just give them a small moving box and watch them build things with it or play with it.


Last option, in case you are rushed for time and must dispose of boxes quickly is simply place them in front in your home with FREE upon them. Guaranteed, someone is going to take them.

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