How to Choose Chicago Office Movers

Chicago - March 10, 2019

Looking for affordable office moving company may be an overwhelming process. Making the decision to move your office and to hire an office moving company is a big thing. Your experience greatly influences the outcome. You have many options and it is important to do your research, so you can make the right choice. After all, you need to keep your company property well taken care of. Therefore, we bring you a few tips and tricks that will help you make the best out of the situation. Your employees and colleagues will highly appreciate the effort. Let’s start with basics on how to choose Chicago office movers.

Choose Chicago office movers to suit the needs of your company

Before deciding on a moving company there are several things you need to consider. The first thing you must do is, look at your needs and the needs of the company. Figure out all the different types of services that you will need during your moving adventures. There are many varieties and offers that might be useful, so it is time to do your homework. Firstly, go online and visit several related websites, possibly guided by a customer reference. A strong recommendation can be of great importance when you are making such an important decision. And that is why we will recommend Arlington Heights movers. One of the most reputable office moving teams, offering safety for you and your business for years now.

Wolley Movers - Customer Reviews
Check customer reviews before you choose a moving company

While in the middle of your research, do not forget to check the customer service. A good moving company should have strong support for you, your employees and colleagues. Check the customer reviews and comments. If a company has a user-friendly website you should guide yourself to the information required in no time. Read as much as you think you need. But be sure to do thorough research before you choose Chicago office movers.

The legal side of things

When looking for office movers, make sure the company you choose has an excellent customer service policy. As we mentioned before, safety and a quick resolution should be a top priority. If you have any problems or question, they should be answered and resolved in no time. But first, you will have to check up on the company you are about to choose. It is important who is handling your assets and how much you will be unable to operate. It is fairly easy to find a good and affordable office moving company. But there are some things you must check before you decide to hire.

Make sure that you can confirm that the moving company has insurance coverage. That will protect you from any unforeseen circumstances causing damage to your company property. Also, if the company can provide insurance and that they take full responsibility for their actions. Check if they are a registered company with a logo and physical address. As well as if they have all the permits required for office moving. They should have the right amount of manpower, well educated in the field of moving and the right tools for the job. Check all things mentioned to avoid any damage to your reputation, business and to dodge any unnecessary legal activities. You should hire a company that will respect and honor your clients and your business.

Man doing a research on the laptop
Do thorough research to be sure you choose Chicago office movers you can trust

Get your moving quote

Look for all options available before hiring office movers. Take a good look at your options by obtaining quotes from different office moving companies in your area. Comparing the types of services offered and the cost of services will help you decide which offer is most profitable. This will depend on the type of business you run and the limits of a moving budget. In most situations quotes are free and the company will send a representative to summarize and make an offer. Coming up with your own list of requirements is going to be helpful. You can pinpoint specific options that an office moving company should be able to provide.

Maybe you have very expensive systems and units and you wish extra manpower and special care? Or maybe you want to relocate in the shortest time possible. If that is the case, you should look at last minute movers. Wolley Movers Chicago are always ready to accommodate your needs, even in most dire situations. They should be on the top when you are about to choose Chicago office movers. Find out the different services each company offers and the exact cost for these services. Including any possible underlying costs so you are not caught unaware when you get your bill. Keep in mind that the lowest quote isn’t always the best choice. Don’t compromise quality for the price just to save a few hundreds of dollars.

A professional moving company will provide full coverage?

Depending on your time and budget, you have the option to buy a full-service package from the office moving company. Maybe it is the best for you and everyone involved to consider such a lucrative offer. You can only think about how to relocate personal items. And how to inform everyone of the date and regulations of the move. Everything else is handled by an office moving company. They will bring packing materials and moving boxes, pack your business, relocate it and then unpack the very same day. Complete service along with storage units if need be. You can eliminate the stress factor and focus on a business continuity plan once you are settled.

Office Moving Company
Professional movers can safely pack your office equipment

Before you choose Chicago office movers, check what kind of service they are providing

One more thing that you should have in mind is the special services you can acquire from an office moving company. Please bear in mind the assets you are moving and the needs of your employees and colleagues. We will make a few examples below, and they can vary from business to business.

  • Special items

Those are the items of a high value or heavy equipment. Bulky and big items usually require special tools and extra manpower to transport and deliver in the same condition.

  • Office-specific items

Choose Chicago office movers that will handle all your custom-made office furniture and cubicles. There are also watercoolers, office printers and a lot of electronic devices. Those items need special care and knowledge. Check if movers you hired read the instruction manuals of the device they are moving.

  • Delicate systems

Every office has an IT aspect involved in their business. Systems like that need appropriate IT knowledge and a way to disconnect and relocate such a system. A moving company can provide such a service. You just need to ask if they have it on the menu.

  • Warehousing

You can be in a situation where your relocation is temporary. You are maybe waiting for a lease on a certain building to expire before you can take over the contract. In such a situation you need to store the excess of your assets somewhere. Office moving companies provide excellent storing and warehousing services. They will make a complete asset inventory and keep everything preserved and clean. Service of removal or metal and electronics recycling is also available.

Boxes in the warehouse
Moving companies are also providing storage units

Make sure that everything is ready for the moving day

It is not only important what will office moving company provide to you, but your feedback as well. Since you are running a reputable and professional business, you should take the same approach. This implies that you should have everything ready and set for the moving day. Be sure that all your employees are up to date with the moving plan. And that they already packed everything they want to relocate. Remember to downsize by donating or throwing unwanted items and that office material and working stations are packed. This will speed up the whole process and send a strong message about your organization. Good preparation is the key, especially when you are moving business with many partners and customers involved. Your business should not have any downtime if relocation is well planned and swiftly executed.

Now you have the basic knowledge on what to look for when you are about to choose Chicago office movers. Your colleagues will be extremely satisfied with the input you provided on this matter. We wish you and your business tremendous success for years to come. Good luck!

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