Fulton River District

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Located on the edge of Chicago’s downtown, northwest of the Loop. The Fulton River District the home of The Boeing Company, and the Ogilvy Transportation Center (formerly Northwestern Station), a major commuter rail terminal. The neighborhood is known for the scent of chocolate emanating from the Bloomer Chocolate Company.

two men carrying an item Fulton River District movers understand that this area is practically reserved for those who are in the upper echelons of spending and having incredibly nice furniture, thus we must be ultra-careful when moving them. Wolley Movers is concerned about the security of your personal effects and wants to make sure they reach your ultimate destination in perfect condition. This is especially true of those specific items requiring extraordinary care like your collectibles and of course your antiques. You should never have to entrust such items to a mover who is not renowned for safely carrying such items.

They are excellent helping every families in packing their belongings to other place. We are highly experienced with items that require special care in moving. For instance, we have the equipment to secure doors with rubber straps. Our trained packers knows to remove any loose components, attachments or hardware from large antiques, place them in a plastic bag protected by padding and place them inside the corresponding drawers.

The professional packers will take delicate porcelains, for instance, and carefully wrap them in bubble wrap to be sure that none of them get broken. Some highly delicate items may be packed into boxes with double walls or triple walls with the item snuggled in packing peanuts.

When you have decided a packing services of your choice into your home, be sure and call the attention to those items that will have need of special attention. These may be valuable antiques, family heirlooms and things like ultra-fragile porcelains.A moving company such as Wolley Movers, will know exactly how to pack such items, as they have come in contact with such delicate items before. Depending on the worth of the antique piece, you may even wish to have the item crated alone, to entrust that it arrives in the exact same condition as when it left.

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