Essential Office Moving Tips

Chicago - February 21, 2019


Office or corporate moving is demanding particularly since the move needs to be fast and effective. You want to stay clear of shedding business. Keep in mind that even throughout the action, a business should be operational if possible. This implies that you need to do your best to keep things well organized throughout this period. The preparation includes many things you need to cover, and maybe you should seek some help as well. Whatever awaits, you need to stay calm and focused. If you are reading this article, you are probably a company employee or one who is organizing a move. Either way, here you’ll find essential office moving tips that can make your move much easier.

Act on time and be ready for a moving date

Early preparation is extremely important, and you should begin as soon as you know your moving date. It is necessary that you familiarize yourself with the new working space and do a proper inspection. This is if you have determined where to relocate and if you signed the lease. This early organization will certainly offer you sufficient time to make some key decisions.

You need to provide important information to your colleagues. Everyone involved should have time for packing and adjusting to changes. If you are not considering utilizing the old furniture, you will have sufficient time to purchase what you miss. You should leave your previous working space in the same condition it was before you rented it. To do all of this on time, you need to make a moving checklist along with a moving plan. Present this plan to your coworkers and begin the office moving. But, in case that move is sudden, consider hiring last minute movers. Wolley Movers Chicago are one of the best in dealing with these kinds of situations. You and your coworkers will appreciate their work.

A close up of a calendar.
Pick a moving date on time

Good preparation is the key to successful office moving

This is the period when you should educate all the staff members about your moving strategy. You need to inform the landlord, moving companies and any individual or partners that your business is linked with. It is essential that employees fully understand the moving plan, so you can minimize the downtime. Send a few emails to your clients to keep them informed about the moving date. And that business might be slower and with minor interruptions on a moving day. This will certainly aid and prevent loss of income. There are a few key things in the office moving preparation that you need to know. Let’s take a look.

Inspecting your new workplace

Anyone whose business is thriving would expand at some point. Be sure to do a proper inspection of your future working place. You need to measure the distances between the walls and to decide where your equipment will be. Check the height of the sealing and if there are all safety measures installed. Also, you need to check the utilities and what kind of electricity and internet provider is there. Or if there is enough space for desks, plants, office furniture, and water coolers. Many things to cover, do not forget to do it.


Logistics during office moving must be near perfection. You need to notify your staff members and your co-workers about the move. They need to be well informed of the moving plan and the moving date. So, they can act on time and do what is required of them. You would like to avoid Monday morning where an unaware employee came to work on a previous address.

Good communication between co-workers
Communication between co-workers is very important


Packing is probably the most tiresome process of a move. But luckily, you can appoint each co-worker to pack their own belongings. Set some rules on which sizes of boxes they should use. Provide packing materials like tapes, cardboard and plastic boxes and plastic bags etc. Remember while packing utilities and computers to use their manufacturers packaging if you still have it. And lastly, take special care with cables and peripherals, they are easily breakable. Label everything and put name tags on boxes.


Moving period is the best time to get rid of the items you do not use anymore. Old equipment and furniture you can sell, throw away or donate before moving. Depends on the company policy, maybe you must return some of it to the manufacturer. And finally, recycling is an option as well.


One of the things on the list is to cover all the legal obligations. You need to notify the officials and the security at your old and new building. In a timely fashion, you should submit documentation required for the process. Also, you need to cover legal documentation for your organization and working individuals. All the paperwork need to be sorted out. One thing you should personally take care of is to inform your business partners of your move. They should have this info in case something goes wrong. You will look much more professional if the whole process is out in the open shared with friends of the company. Provide them with your new contact information and the address that you already filed for and sorted before moving day.

And last but not least, sort the documentation for all your co-workers. Things like access cards or health coverage and driving licenses in case you move to a different state. There are many important moving documents to cover, be sure to ask all your employees to inform you of their needs.

Signing a contract for office moving.
Everyone involved in the process will have to be informed

Consider hiring a reliable office moving company

The whole process where you need to relocate your office can be done by someone else. Yes, we are talking about hiring professional office movers. There are moving companies that provide all kinds of services for small and big businesses alike. What is most important is that they have knowledge, experience and the tools for such a task. Some items like office printers, desktop computers or kitchen appliances require special care. Movers read manufacturing instructions and they are already up to speed on how to handle special or bulky items. You won’t have to expose any of your employees to unpleasantries if you decide on hiring professionals.

A day to relocate

You should finish packing in the last few days prior to the move. Pack anything that shouldn’t be used in the upcoming days and set it aside in the new office. And unpack essential products that are operating 24/7. Those can be servers or similar systems that are the core of your business. Moving day shouldn’t be any different besides transferring to prevent any type of hold-ups. If possible, you can relocate the office in 2 shifts. Leave a team of people in the old office to work like on any other day. And after the relocated component has been set up, you could relocate the rest of the workplace to the brand-new office. This could play a major part in stopping downtime especially if your business runs around the clock.

One more thing to think about when moving such expensive products is the moving insurance. You can purchase moving insurance from the moving company if you hired one or address a proper insurance company. Insurance will cover damages done to belongings, property or people, depends on the insurance you purchased. Keep in mind that you have 10 days to file an insurance claim. Most of the companies and corporations already have insurance. But if you do not, please think about it. It is a wise investment.

Unpacking and settling down

If you were well organized while packing the workplace items, unboxing will be a very easy process. Boxes are simple to deal with since you labeled and named everything. Also, boxes should be carried to their designated area straight away. This will prevent any kind of confusion and a worker that has no box to unpack. Relocating your office does not need to be a daunting job defined by a loss of clients. It can be a well-organized day at work, you can have fun while settling down at your new working environment. And as we mentioned before, do not forget to unpack essentials first. Your workers need a place to rest and a place to have a lunch break.

A group of people in an office
Mission accomplished – office relocation completed

But, in case you want to drop whole packing and relocating process off your hands, consider hiring professional help. Most of the moving companies offer extra packages for office moving. One of such companies is Wolley Movers Chicago and our team of Arlington Heights movers. One of the best in the business. They will cover your relocation safely and professionally.

Office moving is not so hard if you work as a team. Luckily, you have one already, and now you hopefully have more information on how to relocate your business. All you need is a bit of luck, a lot of preparation and a bright sunny day. We wish a bright future for you and your employees.

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