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Chicago - July 25, 2016

High Quality Leads for Hauling Businesses

We at Cheap Dumpster for Rent would like to see you succeed. We want you to be connected with clients you will not waste your time. We want you to showcase your services so the world will know of your awesome company. We want you to be a part of our success.

chicago-dumpster-rentalWe know your challenges as a business owner, which can range from doing documentations, writing proposals, sending invoices, following up on payments, following up on unpaid invoices, managing office staff, managing ground staff, doing advertisements, and promoting online. It is definitely challenging to be an entrepreneur, so we want to offer you our service in looking for high quality sales leads for your business.

Why should you choose us above the rest? Here are five reasons:

  • Big savings and pre-buying leads: take control of your finances and only buy the number of leads you think you need. Once leads are bought from us, we will give you access to the biggest names in online advertising: Google My Business, Facebook Fan page, and Yelp.
  • High quality of converted sales leads: we know it’s a total waste of time to be dealing with potential clients who will not only pester you with unnecessary questions, but will also take your level of service on an unethically personal level. You can be sure that with our client base, you can only have access to high quality leads.
  • Real customer reviews to attract future customers: most people who scout for services take great account in online reviews, so we make sure to publish your past customers’ ratings and experiences on their dealings with you.

These reviews are very important in driving sales and in showcasing your brand to the world.

  • Free to register, no obligatory monthly and annual charges, and no contracts to scare you off: it is absolutely free to set up an account with us, and we will not surprise you with recurring payments and signed contracts.
  • Weekly updates on your progress: we give you regular updates on your lead conversions so you feel reassured with the flow of clients to your business. We also give you access to your data and call records so you are able to see the progress of your conversations with potential clients.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us now and let us do the lead generation for you. You take care of your business; and we will take care of your customers.




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