Things you should take care of when moving piano.

Blog - July 3, 2012

When moving your residence one of the most difficult items to shift is your piano. Like furniture they are heavy, large and difficult to move but they are expensive and delicate too. One cannot simply think about moving piano without prior experience. You cannot take risk with your piano. Having a piano means you love music, music is the food for soul something with refreshes you after long day of hard work and your piano is the source of that relaxation.

If you are planning to relocate your piano then you should look for professional help. While relocating your piano, one wrong move from your end could easily cost you around $2000. The Chicago piano movers have special skills in relocating pianos. Wolley Movers is relocating pianos for more than 25 years. One thing you should take care of before moving your piano is that you should check if the piano mover in Chicago provides any damage insurance with the move, if not then you should arrange this insurance because no matter how experienced the mover is there is a chance of bad luck. With proper insurance coverage you can be worry free that even if something goes wrong you can get the compensation for your piano from insurance company. Make sure that the movers you have contacted also bring all the necessary equipments. Generally a piano is heavy and shifting it requires 3-4 men to work together. Use proper padding for your piano so that the keyboard and the cords don’t get damage.

Before moving your piano, make sure that you visit the new place and take all the necessary measurements of the doors, staircase and freight weight allowed in lifts to make sure that it will fit through them so that you don’t have to face any difficulty later.

All in all, when moving your precious piano you should look for a professional piano moving company in Chicago. Ask your friends, look on the internet, look for reviews, call some of them and ask for free quote or ask a piano retailer in your area if possible, they always know good piano movers and might be able to help you. Think carefully before selecting any mover. Tell them to be extra careful with it. Don’t ever tell them to hurry up just to same few bucks as hurrying may damage your piano and could cost you more. To get a good piano moving experience you can call Wolley Movers. At Wolley Movers, we provide affordable and the best service possible.

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