Moving during the school year

Blog - October 16, 2018

The school year is about to start or has already started, and you or your kids need to relocate to your new home. The end destination has been set, but you are not quite sure how to conduct the whole relocation process since education is a delicate matter. It should not be interrupted or affected negatively in any way. From finding the most suitable moving company to an appropriate insurance firm – this may not seem like an easy task. But fear not as, in this article, we will cover all that you need to know when moving during the school year.

Moving during the school year requires school items to be packed together
Gather all your school items and pack for the new place

Preparing the Essentials

You have already decided where to move and you are ready to relocate. What is important at this point is to pack the items that you need for school. And separately. If you pack the school-related items with other personal ones, it may only cause a confusion when unpacking later. “Where are my notebooks? Where did I put my pens and pencils? And where are the textbooks?” These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself if you don’t plan properly.

Kids entering a school bus
Make sure you check the available school transportation for your kids

Save yourself from all the issues of relocation during important business or school date periods. You can easily do this by starting very early with packing planning, separating the important school items in a different box and moving those items first. Once you move these first, you or your children will be able to continue any school-related activity immediately. No matter if you are someone in high school and want to become independent, or you have kids that go to school, the same rules apply.  You will keep the studying effectiveness top-notch if you stick to the guidelines in this article. In this case, you might want to check some tips on how to prepare for your smooth moving first.

Preparing the Kids

You need to ensure that the new place you are moving to has the appropriate transportation for the kids – from where the new home is – to school. Be it public transport – buses, trains, trams – or even school buses. Of course, if you are living near the school itself – then you’ve hit the jackpot! In that case, the school may be just a walking distance away. If you have your own car, you might even take your kids to school yourself, with the appropriate budget management, of course.

Ultimately, once all the basic school necessities have been arranged, you can assure yourself that the only part of moving during the school year that needs to be handled is the enrollment documentation. Perhaps the more important part is that the children also need to be prepared for the relocation as well. Enrolling in a different school might not be necessary if the relocation isn’t that far from the school your kids are already going to. However, if you find it more convenient for your kids to go to a different school due to proximity to your home, ensure that you gather all the needed documents previously. This way, after you move to the new location, enrollment will be much easier.

The kids might need to re-adapt to the new environment as well, as the whole relocation process may affect them significantly. Having new friends is just one of the differences they will need to face, not only when you’re moving during the school year.

Moving During The School Year – When Should You Do It?

Obviously, the subject period is the school year. But should you move when the year starts, or near the end of it? There is not one correct answer to this question, but there are some points which back some of the possibilities. On one hand, moving near the end of the school year might seem like a good idea. Mostly because the majority of the school’s program has been conducted. However, this time of year is also when the most important exams might take place. Due to this fact, relocating near the very start of the year might prove to be a more sensical option.

A clock
Choose the relocation period carefully

You might want to contact the person responsible for keeping track of student class attendance. Any failure to do so might result in unwanted records of the student having missed some of the classes or exams at school. Moving during the school year must be kept top-notch.

Moreover, moving even in the middle of the school year may be a good idea, mainly because most exams tend to be near the end or beginning of the period.

Understanding Anger

As kids, we were all in a situation where the things didn’t go according to our plan. We wanted to finish with everything as fast as possible and continue with our daily activities. Perhaps we wanted to enjoy some free time! Naturally, not everything can go as smoothly as we’d like – and that’s when we throw a tantrum. This is all part of our kids’ lives. In this context, you need to have some understanding of your kid’s stress and anger when moving from one place to another. Or even a healthy portion of dissatisfaction, because, e.g. they won’t meet their old friends as often. You need to know how to help your kids during relocation, so be sure to check this quick guide.

When moving, be sure to keep track of important contacts for when the need arises. Be it teachers, parents of your child’s student friends or someone else, having connections when moving never hurts.


In general, you shouldn’t take moving during the school year as lightly as you’d initially think. Mostly because any careless and rushed relocation when the school year is still in progress can only result in missing important events. Hindering your children’s education this way may also cause stress, so make sure you check out some tips on how to unpack quickly after moving. In order to avoid this, make sure you follow the below points, summed up.

  1. Talk with the school’s teachers about any important exams / school events.
  2. Based on the above point, plan your relocation appropriately. Plan to move as far from those dates as possible.
  3. Check for any modes of transportation available at a new location.
  4. Make sure you hire the appropriate moving and insurance companies.
  5. Pack the school items like books, papers/projects in a separately labeled box. Take those boxes out first when unpacking.

Enjoy your relocation and follow the above steps to maximize your stress-free move experience!

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