How to stretch your moving budget

Blog - September 27, 2018

As the day of your move approaches, you start to realize that the list of expenses is constantly getting longer. Even though you had it all figured out, your budget has reached the limit. The time has come to consider ways to stretch your moving budget. Good news is – there are simple and effective ways to get out of this unhappy situation.

Experienced Chicago movers have made a list of useful tips you can rely on when facing the challenges of moving on a budget. If you’re having trouble coping with the costs of your move, find out what you can do to improve your financial plan.

Negotiate the price to stretch your moving budget

Even though you’ve obtained an estimate from the moving company of your choice, you can still get a better deal. If you plan ahead and get quotes from several different movers, you can compare prices and opt for the best offer. However, the cheapest option does not guarantee you’ll get a quality service.

Instead of going for the lowest offer, it’s best to negotiate the price with a reputable mover. Research moving companies in advance, check for recommendations and you’ll avoid poor service and potential scams.

Find labor free of charge

Who would waste their precious time and effort to work for free? Well, your friends and family! And if you have forthcoming neighbors, even better. Gather your staff and start packing. If you decide not to go for a full-range service from your mover, you can cut costs and complete the initial part of the moving process yourself.

A group of friends holding fists together as a sign of agreement to help you stretch your moving budget.
Let your friends and family help you move to stretch your moving budget.

Roam your neighborhood for free boxes

Instead of buying packing material, you can successfully stretch your moving budget by gathering used boxes from retailers in your neighborhood. There are local liquor stores, bookstores and grocery shops that have free carton boxes you can use.

In addition, you can save up by using old clothing for wrapping material. Be creative with items in your household. When the day of the move arrives, many of them can become multifunctional.

Move off-season when looking to stretch your moving budget

The busiest part of the year for all the moving companies across the USA is summertime. Most people choose to move when the weather conditions are agreeable. However, if you decide to move off-season, you can get a better quote or a discount. It’s also better to move during the week when kids go to school, instead of on holidays and weekends. Weekends are generally busy for movers and they won’t offer you a better price if you hire them at their busiest hour.

Use free meal coupons

Once you’ve packed your stove, microwave and refrigerator, it’s too late to moan about the prices of food in local restaurants. You are bound to spend a day or two without the equipment you usually use for food preparation, so be ready for the inconvenience. Collect free meal coupons in advance so that you can get by for a short period of time before you hit the road.

Donate to a charity, reduce your income tax

If you decide to donate some of your belongings to a charity, don’t hesitate to ask for receipts. The donations you make can be deducted from your income taxes later on. However, keep in mind that not all donations qualify as a deduction. You can get the most accurate information on charity-related tax deduction from the IRS.

If you already decided not to move all your usable items into a new home, think about ways to benefit from their worth. Giving away to a charity and reducing your taxes at the same time sounds like a really good deal.

Organize a moving sale

Another way to benefit from the items you are not taking with you is to sell them half-price. Depending on the original worth and condition of your furniture, you may be able to stretch your moving budget by making a garage sale. You can also get cash for your electronic waste. Do some research online and find companies which deal with recycling electronics. They will be glad to take used electronic devices off your back and, even better, they’ll pay for them.

Don’t give everything away

Even though it sounds a bit contradictory, it’s not a good idea to give everything away to a charity or throw away items. If your old furniture fits in the new home, you can organize your living space with the items you already possess. Make a plan in advance and see what you can use. It’s a waste of money to buy everything brand new. Keep the most valuable items from your old home and avoid spending money immediately after the move. You won’t regret your decision once the bills start coming in.

An old couch next to a coffee table.
Why not fit in your old furniture to a new home?

Keep an eye on antiques and collectibles

When you turn your entire household upside down, you never know what you can find. Your dusty basement can hide valuable antiques and collectibles. You may have lived in ignorance up to the day of your move, but the time has finally come to browse through your family treasure. When deciding what to throw and give away, keep an eye on antique furniture, music memorabilia, ceramic sets, comic books and stamps.

A suitcase full of old records and albums.
Check the worth of your old records

Offer your valuables online or take them to an antique shop to check their worth. You never know. Your household relocation can actually turn into a truly memorable experience. It seems like an unbelievable way to stretch your moving budget, but it’s possible.

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