Antique. Just by saying the word, we feel like we traveled back to the past. Pieces of furniture, fine art, mirrors, pianos etc. – they can all be considered antiques. Especially if the item in question is rather old for its type. People don’t use many such items on a regular basis. This is mostly due to tech improvements or greater ease of use improved from the ones used in the past. On the other hand, people still own some antiques – like furniture or paintings – for interior design, if nothing else. They serve as means for decoration and appreciation of the past times, which brings its own vintage flavor to the homes of today. And moving such items is a science in itself. So, there are many antique movers Chicago has to offer, but only Wolley Movers Chicago offer you the premium Chicago moving service you want.

With our highly trained employees, you can rest assured that your antique will be in good hands when moving. You will be able to relocate stress-free, only thinking about what to bring to your new home. Like items to decorate with – e.g. antique paintings, furniture or tech items like old vinyl players.

Antique table and sofas.
Moving antique furniture can be a breeze, as long as you have the right antique movers Chicago by your side.

The Antique movers Chicago gladly recommends – Wolley Movers

We are proud to be one of the moving companies in Chicago that provide relocation services for your antiques.

Antiques require special care and handling, and, therefore, need special materials. Moreover, these kinds of items, in most cases, also require dedicated equipment. This way we can completely avoid any unwanted drops, scratches or bumps. With special cushioning, cloths, straps and wheeled moving equipment that we have – you can rely on us to have your delicate antique furniture and items like pianos and paintings relocated worry- and sweat-free.

We offer a number of different moving-based services:

  • Residential Move
  • Commercial Move
  • Local Move
  • Packing Service
  • Piano Move
  • Packing Supplies

Residential Move

Residential relocation encompasses the relocation of personal property, one place to another. Be it antiques that are older pieces of art, like paintings, hanging tapestries, chandeliers or tables, we cover it all. We have special materials for cushioning the items and preventing unwanted hit damage. Out of all antique movers Chicago has, Wolley Movers cover all your worries and needs.

Oil painting of girl with sheep - one of the many items our antique movers Chicago can handle.
Fine art requires very special care and expertise for safe handling.

In that sense – we guarantee that all the items that you assign us to move will remain in perfect condition. Moreover, we do our best to provide the best service to you as our valued customer at utmost brilliance and quality. Paintings, lamps, beds and other pieces of furniture that aged well are part of who you are, and as such – we will preserve whatever is of value to you.

Commercial Move

We also operate in the commercial and entrepreneurial field, in terms of relocation. Are you moving work-related equipment that needs special care? Old phones, desks, chairs or clocks? We know how much people value these items – and therefore we apply special techniques when dealing with such items.

Black rotary phone
Rotary phones can be antiques today, and are still used by some people

Antiques in this category usually provide a look of professionalism in your office, or perhaps you are trading with these kinds of items. Whatever the purpose, we are the company for you. With our dedication and highly trained employees – you will be ready with your relocation in no time – so you don’t lose business up-time.

Local Move

Chicago is a rather large city. And we cover all parts of the city – be it the city-center area or the suburbs. We know every street in the city, not only by name. With our highly experienced drivers and movers, we guarantee your property’s safe move. By knowing the city in-and-out, we know how to approach each neighborhood and road most efficiently. With more than 25 years of experience, we have built a reputation to stand the test of time.

Packing Service

Antiques are valuable. Not only in terms of their financial value, but personal as well. Especially if we are talking about the inheritance. In this sense – packing is perhaps the second most important step in the relocation process. Moreover, antique movers Chicago offers are plentiful.

Wooden crate with fragile mark on it
Antiques are very fragile, so you need antique movers Chicago that know how to pack them properly.

It all matters. From the materials to handling to unpacking. And that’s why we are here. We are here to provide special care to all the items that you need to move. This is usually the vast majority of the items. And when it comes to special care – antiques need it the most. With us – scratches and reckless moving are things of the past. Choose and tell us what items need packing, and leave it all to us!

Not only do we professionally pack your items, but we do it in such a way that all moving day disasters are non-existent! We pack your items so they are easy to move and are able to fit through any door frame. With our packing and moving techniques, the only things to worry about is the when.

We will safely move your antiques from any point A to point B.

Piano Move

Among all the items that need moving – we appreciate and value antiques the most. Still, pianos are among the most bulky ones. Not just items in general – but can be a fairly sizable antique as well. Of all the antique movers Chicago is home to Wolley Movers. We are among the best choices for antique piano relocation.

Picture of old classical piano.
Pianos can also be antique.

With our specialized equipment we are able to transport your piano with no hassle at all. It doesn’t matter if you have an upright or a grand piano – we are the movers for you! We understand the value of musical instruments, more so if they are an antique. With that in mind, we use dedicated equipment for transporting the pianos wherever you need it. No matter the moving distance.

Packing Supplies

No matter the type of items relocated – we offer the possibility of providing our own packing supplies. By packing supplies – we don’t only mean tools used to transport your items to and from our trucks. But also the materials like cardboard and other cushioning to prevent damage.

We highly prioritize antique items in terms of damage prevention, and therefore we treat them as such. With utmost care and with a dose of professionalism.


In the case of having antiques which need careful and mindful relocation, we are the moving company for you! Wolley Movers are the antique movers Chicago recommends. You can always count on our team to take care of your property, thus providing you with a stress-free relocation. Contact us to find out why our services are so special!