How to Unpack into a Small Kitchen

After the move - May 16, 2019

So, the decision is made, you are moving to another place. Congrats! Whatever the reason for your relocation is, it brings a positive change in life. Nevertheless, a lot of tasks will be in front of you before you finally settle in, in your new home. Among the most time-consuming duties are packing and unpacking of your belongings. Things might be a bit more complicated if you are moving from a bigger to a smaller home. But, there is no need for worries. With good preparation, everything can be accomplished, in a blink of an eye. That is why we will give you some helpful tips on how to unpack into a small kitchen. We hope you will find it useful.

Start with a realistic and good plan

As in many other life situations, planning is a crucial component that leads to positive results. That stands for relocation, as well. Hiring a reliable moving company, such as Oak Park movers is one part of it and the biggest one. Because they will relocate your possessions most professionally. But, what about the other tasks? We must admit that it is not an easy thing to unpack into a small kitchen, but if you plan ahead, you will not have to cope with it later.

Before you unpack into a small kitchen, make a blueprint
Make a blueprint of your new kitchen

That is the reason why you should properly inspect your new kitchen. In small kitchens every inch is valuable, so try to make a plan where should you fit your kitchen equipment. Take a look of every cabinet, drawer, hidden spaces, walls, etc. Take some pictures, take dimensions of the kitchen, and outline the layout of your new kitchen. That way you will know in which order to pack your possessions. Most importantly, what you can pack, and what should you leave behind.

Before you unpack into a small kitchen, you need to pack everything first

For easy unpacking of the belongings that you are moving with you, proper packing is the necessary part. That means you should collect all the packing materials and different sizes of moving boxes Chicago. Each item should be packed separately, from kitchen appliances to the plates. As there are many fragile items such as glasses, plates, bowl, etc. bubble wrap will be your best friend. Pack items in smaller boxes and do not forget to label them with a sign: ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle with care’. This will be a reminder to the movers to pay special attention when loading into the truck. But, also for you, when the time for unpacking comes.

It is time to say goodbye to some items

Before you dive in into the packing process, it is time for decluttering of your home, especially kitchen. Take all your kitchen equipment and sort them in the right order for packing. You will realize that you have plenty of items that you are not using anymore, or that are broken. Downsizing of your kitchen will do a double good. The fewer things you have to move, the lower expense of moving will be, and you will have a place for everything that you need in your new kitchen. Give some items to friends, sell them if they are in good shape, or donate to charities.

Ready for unpacking?

New home, new kitchen and plenty of boxes that are waiting to unpack them. The first thing you should do is to clean the kitchen properly. And start with the items that you are using most regularly, items you can’t do without. These are plates, dishes, knives, towels, and anything else that you are using daily. Open box by box, in the same order that you packed them, and check if everything is there. Pick the items that will have use in the future the most and place them in the reach of your hand. If you have a pantry, store all other kitchen tools there, as you will need a space to maneuver through the kitchen.

First things that you should unpack into a small kitchen are knives and forks
Unpack first items that you are using on a daily basis

In the process of ordering things, keep on mind that heavier items should be stacked under the lighter ones. Safe stack of dishes will for sure give you more space. This is a good solution, just do not put too many items on the top of another, since they can break. For unpacking the kitchen, you should be fresh and concentrated, as you are dealing with fragile items. We recommend doing the kitchen first or last. There is always a possibility for re-organization and remodeling of the kitchen, as well. In case you cannot do that on your own, seek for professional help of interior designers.

Use every inch of the kitchen space

Small kitchen should not stop you from preparing your meals with pleaser. It is important to have enough space on your counter space while making your favorite dinner. On the other hand, if there is more space on it, it can be perfect for small appliances, such as toaster or blender. Likewise, you can use a few inches towards the end of the counter for a knife block or a narrow spice rack. Or any other small things that you can easily remove if you need more space. Try to use every bit of the free space that you have and to maximize it. If you have free walls, consider adding hanging cabinets or shelves. Or you can just put your pots and pans to hang on it, or other kitchen tools. You can also use doors to hang baskets with fruits and vegetables.

shelves on the wall with kitchen equipment
Put some shelves on the wall and use every inch of the space

With a bit of creativity and improvisation, you can make your new kitchen your small food factory. The size of the kitchen doesn’t matter if it puts a smile on your face. And faces of others, who enjoy your food, or life with you. Small hacks for utilizing the space can be fun and useful. Discover storage solutions that can be attached to your cabinet doors or under cabinet space. Do not leave these hidden areas to go to waste, they can provide you what you need- more space. Make cabinet dividers on your own, or add in-cabinet wire shelving that can make your shelf space more productive.

Store all your belongings that you cannot unpack into a small kitchen

In case you are not able to put everything that you moved with you into your new kitchen, a storage unit is a great option. And not only for kitchen equipment, but you can also store everything that you want in it. So, find a quality storage unit for your items, where your belongings can be secure. With a facility within the short proximity of your home, you will have access to your possessions whenever you want. Sounds good, isn’t it?!

It might be a bit challenging to unpack into a small kitchen if you are moving from a bigger one. But, as you can see, with good organization and a bit of imagination, everything can be done. And, of course, do not forget that proper packing is the key to successful unpacking. In case you need a helping hand in packing, Lakeview movers are at your disposal. We will take the utmost care of your belongings and make your relocation a stress-free event. We wish you a pleasant relocation and a great new beginning.

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