How to Clean a New Home Before You Move In

After the move - June 14, 2019

After moving to your new home, you’ll want to give it a thorough clean before you unpack your moving boxes. This will get you off to a great start! Most people think that when moving into a brand new construction they don’t have to deep clean it, but that’s a misconception! Even these places aren’t as blank as they look like. So, the final conclusion will be that you’ll have to do a pre-move cleaning whether you’re renting or buying. And, we’re here to tell you how to clean a new home with ease! Keep reading to find out!

Gather the necessary supplies to clean a new home

Even though you can clean your home before you bring in your moving boxes, it’s better to do it afterward. Your moving boxes and other containers will be dusty, and you don’t want to unpack if your floors are dirty. So, as soon as you move with reliable Oak Lawn movers, unpack your essentials, get the necessary sleep and start cleaning! Here’s what you’ll need by your side to clean a new home with ease:

Cleaning products, a rubber gloves, and a sponge.
Only after you gather all the necessary supplies, you’ll be ready to clean new home.
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Sponges
  • Garbage bags
  • Vacuum
  • Broom
  • Duster
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • and, Cleaning products

You don’t need all of the items that are listed above, of course. But, the more you cleaning supplies you gather, the easier you’ll clean. So, the choice is yours!

Have you ever thought about using natural products to clean a new home?

So, to clean a home, you’ll obviously need cleaning products. But, have you ever thought about using and making natural a cleaner? Natural cleaning products have an advantage over many chemical detergents and other cleaners. They are non-toxic and can’t harm you in any way. In addition to this, they can clean some surfaces better than those harsh chemical cleaning products. Another great thing about natural cleaners is the fact that you can make them by yourself in no time! Also, you can use:

  • Salt for scrubbing;
  • Vinegar to remove stains and deodorize;
  • Baking soda to remove stubborn stains;
  • Lemons to freshen up space;
  • Olive Oil to polish;

These are only some of the suggestions, but you can find more about making natural cleaners online. Do small research before you move in, and you’ll be ready for cleaning your new home!

Clean one room at a time

After you move to Wicker Park, your house will be filled with moving boxes and other containers. This can make cleaning your new home an impossible mission! So, you’ll need a strategy if you don’t want to unpack your clean belongings and put them on dirty floors. Don’t worry, there’s an easy solution to your troubles. All you have to do is clean one room at a time! As soon as you clean it, you can unpack moving boxes with items that belong to the room you’ve just cleaned. Even though this might seem to you like you’ll be cleaning at a slower pace, that won’t be the case. You’ll be more organized if you clean this way, and, you’ll clean a new home fast and with ease!

Start from the most important ones

In case you have ever sat down to read some of the best moving tips, then you have probably learned about the importance of unpacking the most important rooms first. This goes for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. But, in order to do so, these rooms need to be clean. So, since you’ll be cleaning one room at a time, clean the “important” rooms first. After you make these rooms functional once again, you’ll be ready to clean other parts of your new home. See? Everything becomes easier when you have a plan and when you stick to it, of course!

When you clean a new home, clean bathrooms first.
All of your bathrooms should be cleaned before other rooms.

Clean from the top

One of the easiest ways of cleaning a home is to start from the top. It’s everyone’s wish to unpack quickly after moving, and this is why most people who have just moved make a crucial mistake. They unpack their moving boxes even though they’re still in the middle of cleaning. And let us tell you why this is a bad thing. If you clean without an order, you’ll be cleaning your chandeliers, but the dust and the dirt will be falling on your clean belongings. And this is a big no! This is why you should clean ceilings first and then proceed to the floors.

Finish at the bottom

This will be your last step when cleaning after your relocation! At this point, you can start to unpack moving boxes, and find the right place for your belongings. As soon as you empty moving boxes, take them outside or wherever, and clean your floors. Take the vacuum and a mop, and you’ll be ready to go! Your floors will be sparkly clean! All that is left are some finishing touches. For example, you can add some conversation starter pieces to your home, or buy indoor plants.

A living room in a house.
After cleaning, all that’s left to do is designing your new space and you’ll be ready to invite people to come over!

Start exploring after you clean a new home!

As you can see, moving is a process that can last really long. For a month, you’ll be dealing with pre-move tasks, the big move, and post-move tasks. This might exhaust you, but don’t give up! After you clean new home, your relocation will finally be over! And, here’s what you’ll want to do afterward. One of the most important things will be to get the necessary sleep. As soon as you charge up your batteries, you’ll be ready for exploring your new surrounding! Go out and find out where the cheapest grocery store is, what do people do there for fun, which amenities you should check out. You should do your best and meet new people, especially your new neighbors. With their support, you’ll adjust to your new home with ease!

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